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name: Maya Martinez

nicknames: mustache girl, Maya mustache, mr. Martinez

age: 15

sex: female

so: she loves everything with a mustache, even a stick!!!

race: humans

power: none, but she has the skill to draw a mustache in 3 seconds
personality: she is girly, even though you will always find her with fake mustaches, drawn on mustaches or a pencil with a mustache on it on her upper lip. She is often silent, fan girlish and a little bit hardheaded.
family: a mother, a father and 3 older sisters who she dislikes and two older brother she likes because of their mustaches.

backstory: she started loving mustaches after being saved from a snake by a big man with an amazing mustache with super powers she thought, while it was just an angel. She went to St.Serenity because she heard about a teacher with an amazing mustache.

*srry for taking so long. I just dislike coloring so I don't even understand why I put the background behind it. btw if someone can help me making it a better size please do so... i don't have any program to resize it with.*
May 17th, 2011
to be continued?
I was wondering if this still was going on and people were still welcome to apply.. and does it have to be fanart? looks really great and interesting so far
The link to the comic!