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Hello :D
I'm Selene.
That's not my name.
But that's not my problem.
I draw stuff and I'm trying to manage to have consistency in something... thus I opened this account, trying to get a comic to pass the 3-page length I usually stop at XD
Does he even have any money?
in the games you start off with nothing and get 3k from battling your rival (If I'm not very mistaken). But since he didn't accept his rival's money... he's supposed to have nothing, right? :O
I like your comic... It has a very cute style and you did the layout wonderfully.
I'm surprised that the rocket leader-or-whatever doesn't care at all that he has an intruder there XD as though it's only natural for that kid to be there O_O
I'd imagine him confining the kid and locking him up instead.
lol she climbed up the window? O_O
cool... *3*
What's with all of you?
I hope the bug catcher wins. because too many ppl want him to lose.
plus, I like bug pokemon. If you know how to train them they are pretty awesome....
And assuming that he could have raised his metapod from a caterpie, that thing might use tackle/string shot. and unless Atti will know how to make charmander use an actual fire move, the bug catcher can make metapod tackle it senseless and win, because charmander doesn't have such a high defense as metapod does XD it's all about which trainer is worse, in the end.