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......Hi =D, Brawl =3
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    Can't because Nintendo says if I do you'll kill me..
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... Ew, Amy is one of the people that killed the Sonic Series... Freakin ew..
... Are you guy's retarted... If Bass had the Master emerald, EVERYONE would be fucked... Knuckles did something smart.
May 26th, 2008
Meh it's fine ^_^
This page is actually pretty good, nice job!
....The third panel had me confused until I looked at it for a while but now I see it. Good page over all.
I saw it comin >_>.
No, I'm fine with recolors, it's just annoying people like you that piss me off >_>.
I still believe my point still stands. But I do think that was rude, and I apologize...
They're Turbo and Mercha two of the scum of SmackJeeves...
My...God...This comic is just about you and Shard...You should just kick everyone else and you two just do the damn comic yourselves.
Wow! you play Brawl!? I would love to battle you!
Hmm...Looks like Robin's back, altough I miss Sting, he's so awesome. Sorry for not commenting all the time, but don't think that I'm not reading because I am, I just don't comment often.
Epic winnage like brawl =3!
Wow this page is really nice you colored it very well! 5'd
This comic is awesome! The only thing that was wierd is when Sonic got owned in a race by a recolor...
...Well that's not good
...I don't get it -_-...
January 25th, 2008
What do you mean these comic's are pure awesome!