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In the last panel the guard on the left looks a bit skeptical. I'm not quite what of, but there is definitely skepticism there.
If I were Theo, I would not take well to Drake just stating that he is the leader. I don't remember Theo ever agreeing to having Drake as his leader.
I don't think drake is petty and mean. He has every reason to hate the Order of the Red Cross.
I was kinda surprised that he admitted to having any faults at all though.
I love the middle pannels but I'm willing to bet Drake denies ever trying to comfort Joan once they all get out.
Welcome back. It's very good to know you haven't died and left us all with a huge cliff hanger to chew on for the rest of our lives.

The Plan is shaping up to be a bit counter-intuitive but i have faith that Drake can pull it of...maybe
Drake just looks so happy about having an excuse to hurt it weird that I find that endearing?
Yay!!! A new chapter!!!!!!
Who would have thought that Drake cared about his little human so much? :)
Yay!!! This is the first time I've ever had the first comment.
I just finished re-reading Hurrocks Fardel for the 4th time and it still makes me laugh so hard that i fall out of my chair. It also makes me want to do art more often :)
Joan is actually taking the news a lot better then I thought she would. I think that in her place I would be kinda excited to be possessed by a god.
Drake always seems to have something to complain about. First he says that Joan doesn't know anything about being a storyteller and then he gets mad because he expects her to know obscure facts about solifidians. On the other hand he is very good at giving angry lectures.
Teddy should have figured it out by now. If you get in a fight with Drake you are going to lose... one way or another.
He even does the whole using the full name thing when he's angry.
Poor Teddy. He gets no choice.
Drake would make a great parent though. He is very good at making misbehaving children do what he wants them to.
I love the last panel. It looks like it would be really hard to draw but you did an amazing job on it.
I just finished reading through the archives and have decided that your comic is too awesome to describe. Also I am jealous of your artistic talents.