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March 29th, 2009
so cute ^.^
March 29th, 2009
I see nothing wrong with it ^.^ This is cute
re: Sashikinoneko-
It IS so glompable!!! xDDDD;;;; Yay, I muz say sorry to everyone for teh inactiveness ;____;" Hueeeee..... Stupid flood....
I'm soooo sorry for not updating on the previous week... TT_______TT;;;;; It's just dat the internet died becoz of the flood in indonesia.... TT_______TT;;;;;

SFX: saaaaa.... Saaaa.... *wind blowing* 8DD in Katakana! Yay!
Need I say more? :3

I have never thought that this webdoujin is going to get any fanart at all LOLZ!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDD;;;;;;; Me so Heppy,,,,,,,, TT_____________TT;;;;; Thankeezzz...

This is by! 8DDD Her style ish so cute. She said that Hatsuna's Pajama's colors resembles Sunao-kun(Pink), Matsuri-chan(yellow), and Sora-kun(blue)!!! 8DDDD Ai, you've made him look so glompable 83

And for peeople who missed ch1p12, please go thank you!! ;w;
re: Sashikinoneko-
*wheeeee I fineally found you on DA!!! xDDDD;;;;;;*
T_____________T;;;;;; Its lyk teachers actually doesnt care if they give a zillion things for us to do NOR give us detention when we're late for just a minute/don't do our homework... -_________-;;;;; My school is now hav zero-tolerance ;0;

xDD Thank yoooouuU!!! *gave lasagna* ^^;;;;;;;; But she is very clumsy D:---like mother, like son :3--
OooOOOOooooOOOooOOoohhhhhhh!!!! TT____TT;;;;; Why do I feel like it's actually been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGLOOOOOOOOOONG(a name of a panda in ueki no housoku xDD) time since I updated this webdoujin ^^;;;;;;

Answer: BECOZ DA SCHOOL GAVE ME LYEK 2137203124738219462193128392148210 HOMEWORKS TO DO!!!!! D:

Yeah, another week, another messy page ^^;;;;;;; So I'm so so sorry if it is so simple ^^;;;;;;;;;

And I thienk making flashbacks are fun :3

*got shot* *dies* *alive again*

Damn you, yek, Marsquee!!! XDDDD;;;; It is veree gewd ya knoe!!!!! xDDDDDDDD;;;;;;;; LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

Keep up the good work! O______O AND OMGHEY YOU'rE VERY SERIOUS ABOUT UPDATING DAILY?!! WTH!!!!!!!!

Yosh!!!! Ganbarou naaa!!! 全力を尽そう!!!! xDDDDDDDD;;;;; LET'S DO OUR BEST NAAAAAAA!!!!!! :333 :glomp:
re: Sashikinoneko-
Uwaaaaa.... Really? OwO This is my first time Cel CG so I thank you sooo muchly!! x333;;;;; *Shares my cheesecake* :DD

re: Antares-
O_______________________O THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!! xDD;;;; Thank you againnn!!!! xDD;;;;;;;; Owww The 3rd Thank you I gave you :DDD
OMG This is the 1st time I ahave ever Cel CG in my life! I'm sooo oo happy that I can finish it but I am not actually statisfied by the result so... ^^;;;;
re: MilkCat-
OwO Thank youu!! *glomps* xDDD Don't you just love making people faint because they're shocked>>.>>;;;

re: Antares-
Sora did yell!! xDDDD;;;;; Thank youu!! x3

re: Sashikinoneko-
O_____O *stares at the dead body of Sashikinoneko ^^;;;;* Thank you! I update every Friday OR Saturday... (.___.) Grade 7 got loads of things to do... And not just sometimes,... ALWAYS T_____T;;;; I wanna quit schooling sumtimes D:

re: Daioh!-
Whaaaaa???? O_____________O B-b-b-b-but I am 13!! O_____O;;;;;; xDDD;;;;

Thank you! Eeh? Sketchy but finished?? O_O What's dat??

Uuhhh.... We can actually translate the PC Game using a software, but I dunno if we can translate the PS2 game into English ;___;

You have a mangaka team>>.>>;;;; Owwwh I wish my school have one too D: ... Yay! Thankyouness!! x3 *glomps*

re: tenchii-chan-
It is not?? xDD Thank you!
re: The Emo Alchemist-
10 times?? O_O wow, I don't even notice it! xDDD;;;; (I thought it happened only 5-6 times... ^^;) And thank you!
re: Daioh!-
There's only a few sukisyo doujin out there... T______T;;;; So I decided to make one to spread the love!! xDDD;;;;
YOU SHOULD REALLY PLAY THE GAME, YOU KNOW!! O____O;;;; I can't because I'm still 13, and the game requires us to be 18++...

And thank you very muchly!! xDD
Gomen!! I'm so sorry everyone!! I know that this page looks so bleh because I have a zillion things to do for school once again... When school is started, everything is messeed up T______T;;;;
re: Jordana-
Aww... Was it?? Thank you!! x33;;; *glomps*
re: Sashikinoneko-
Nyaaa!!! She IS fast!!! xDD;;; Lol, I'm also surprised to see someone already commented poyoo~! x3

People who suddenly popped up is kyoot *nyaa* :3

I should have made Matsuri-chan say something like:
"Yeeeeess...??? <3"
But there's not enough space!! xD;;
re: Sashikinoneko-
Awwee!! Thank you!! xD Yaoi is so sweet like candies and chocolates :3
re: Antares-
xDD;;; Kuuchan and Nao-kun's relationship also makes me laugh whenever I watched the anime! xDD;;;
Yea! Matsuri is so kawaii!! xDD Loveable and Mischievous, nee! :33 And I'm so happy you liked it!! *glomps* xD
YAy!! 2 updates in a day!!
xDD;;;; In case anyone don't know why Sora and Sunao are surprised, it's because Matsuri-chan is their childhood friend, and he's also--weird?? O___O;;; Na!! I mean, he's very tricky and mischievous towards his friends! xDD

And I luv making people who unexpectedly popped up in an unexpected moment :D
January 13th, 2007
Oh my!!! THanos!!! O______________O

He thinks of everything deeply yah... ^^;