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@Tessaigaggg: Your profile picture is the perfect expression for all these pages
haha. the scarf hiding his love bite :)
Aki should fight back. He isnt totally helpless after all those years on the street.
Is he missing his lower lip ring in the last panel?
October 1st, 2013
That last face is so full of love :)
@Quadrant: that is the most brilliant thought
aww. hes been looking nonstop for 6 months :)
awww. :) cute
@Quadrant: but what religious nation does that? look at the old European nations. they were so uptight about religion and they had major armies ready to fight and they used strategy in their wars.
@Quadrant: so you expect the evil guy who has iram to win?
@squid14: that was my first thought too
@catqueen13: an expression of love
@MistyTang: no problem. i loved it... and i just saw the "completed" thing
is this the end?
awww ^.^
i like this :) nice art and i like that its an older couple. not so teenager-y
@chikao: :) those were my first thoughts to.
Go ahead Dylan. go snuggle ^.^