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I am a fresh but shy young being. Very creative and are now trying to give it a shot as a comic-artist, though I am not really that good at drawing..

But I am trying ;)

Love to make friends ^^;
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September 20th, 2012
Oh I do that too, especially during my travels to my parents.
Must be quite a fast runner xD
*snicker* ohbro I couldnt stop laughing at the wonderfulshiny spot to hide hi manly part xDDD
@Coffins_for_Kids: haha thats how I saw it at first
*punts your harddisk * ono.. * steals your comment virginity * eve.... *and hugs* dont turn into zombie or you will have to deal with my zombie OC *slapd*<33
roflmao.. I like ophils " seee" face XDD
and the "Shut up, frog" comment made me curst out laughing xD
call me odd but i find that homework quite interesting OwO

And as for the page: ff so cute little wobly Cain * wants to huggle and snuggle him * pfft.. people dont forget people they like not even after 7 years you little silly one *slapd*
fff Cain is such a cute.. * goes all daarw over him *
i like eyes too 8DD * was the first thing i lernt myself to draw *
couldnt stop giggle by you and phils expressions xDD
its so cute.. <33 can kinda relate to this ^^,
TWT I love the " We go now " comment especially together with that face-expression <3
'penis sticks' omg x'DD And Tommys expression when he hears it = Hillarious 8'D
This drawing.. OuOb Wheres the like/fave-page button when i need it? * feels like a geek *
I love how your drawing style are evolving, you're doing a great job 8D
My thought as soon i saw him jump: homg.. mario?! xDD Dont ask me why, I think I've played a little tomusch mario when I was younger ^^;;
lol i laughed hard at the last frame: "Toodles?" xDD Genius.

And yay for being near the end of this chapter \o/