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I have always been a bubbly girl with a dark side. I would love to make my own comic but suck at drawing, so I dont.I absolutely love Koga, Kaname, Zero and Yami.
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That's the face of "You're gonna die bitch."
I truly miss this comic. I would love an update, but if that isn't possible I understand. I'll just keep rereading it.
Shit just got real. A GOD, one of DEATH, just BOWED to you HUMAN! Metz better love him now.
The God of Death can be all fluffy like :3 Maybe at least a hug would have been nice....
Oh, he's a god. There is no such thing as personal space.
April 17th, 2013
Fight the power Jinx!
-@Mechanicalpenguin:From that I concur that warlocks are cats.
It's baaaaaaaaack XD
Oh, dealing with the devil, who is freaking gigantic.
No, Lucky. Just stop thinking.
This just makes this that much better. I find it even more amusing cause I am a twin. Poor Naoto, not he's gotta guess which one is his.
It. Just. Evolved. He's still gonna hate Kurogawa XD
Is it bad that I sometimes find Ryuuta and Haru to be whiny little bitches?
The stinking bird was actually useful for something!
November 17th, 2012
I love this comic. I've read your other ones and found this too. They are awesome!
@Pandapal: You don't know how much I agree with that. The thing needs to 'disappear'.
We need an update!!!
I need more...
Come back
When is the comic coming back? I miss it dearly :'(
Authors' Note
Hey this comic isn't dead. Our tablet we use sorta hated us for a long time, then marching band and school started.Then we got lazy and never got to it (Not smart). There will be a new comic here soon. We apologize, thanks!