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I must be a masochist, 'cause life is harsh and I love being alive ;)
Hi! I was wondering if you have an instagram or something where I can follow you? :)

Loving this story btw, so beautiful and well made <3
But... what about the food? 0w0 I'm sure that kiss was quite delicious, but it's hardly nutrimental enough to replace dinner xD
Let's get cozy hmmm (¬‿¬)
Actually, it's more dangerous to temporarily stay inside somewhere when winter approaches, because when you're outside all the time the body will adapt along with the weather and be able to withstand it (unless there's a very sudden drop in temperature). But if you're allowed to stay somewhere warm for a period of time and then end up back outside, not only will the body not have adjusted to the sinking temperatures, but started getting used to a lot warmer ones instead.

All in all, with SAFETY in mind, cross-boy really shouldn't offer to stay a few days, but offer to stay throughout winter or not at all :)

Loving this comic tho, keep it up! <3
December 9th, 2017
@Travelingpooch: Ginger got out of the hole, and went to open the door from the outside ;) And apparently he got held up by something on the way~
Whoa dude, drunk driving?? That is VERY irresponsible of such an otherwise responsible person :/
No impact on my love for this comic tho ;3
Hahah omg, this is gold xD
.... I had decided to wait until at least a few new pages were out before reading again... then I saw the update and couldn't stay away.... now I reeeally wish I'd waited until a few more pages were out QAQ
Omggod the cliffhanger \(@x@'')/
Oh god I read everything from start to here just now, but whyyy does this have to be the last page x'D I want mooooooarrrr~
Really well done, I love this comic (*3*)/
Haha he's so flustered his heart ends up on the wrong side! xD Cute~
@Soen Kai:
Ooh, so more good things to come eh! I look forward to reading anything you give life to \(^o^)/
Those two are so wonderful and precious, so it's nice to know it's not quite the last we'll see of them~
For now I just gotta wait for the delivery ÒwÓ (Chose the printed alternative) Would be fun if they arrive on christmas xD
I actually started reading this manga when you were still drawing chapter 3, but when we got to this point I didn't have any money. After that, when some time had passed, I got kinda emotionally detached so I didn't end up buying it even after I got money.

A whole shitload of time later, today, I reread this.. and... I just can't decide whether to buy the ebook so I can keep reading instantly, or buy the print and painfully wait for the delivery...... QvQ
Maybe I should just buy both, so I can read it now AND get the print later..

Agh, the dilemma! x''D

(Also, isn't the last volume out already? In that case I won't have to wait for updates to get the continuation once I've made up my mind haha xD *happy dance*)

Lots of hugs and kisses to you, dear creator~ <3
@Mccull61: Omg YAY! >O< *happy dance*
Where I am it's 8am the 26th, and I couldn't find your post where you had your email, so I was sure I had missed the train xD
Glad I posted a comment just in case~ ^o^
Too late?
Shit, I just finished my contest-entry but I suppose it's too late? ;w;
Gotta stop doing everything the last minute, since things always take more time than I expect them to... (I don't seem to learn tho)
@JigokuNeko: "too young to get married", for some maybe, but both my mother and my sister popped out their first children at 23, and it worked out fine for both of them (my mom even ended up having 5 more) so I can't really say I agree x)
Another lovely comic huh~ :D
But gee seriously, I don't get how your style can be so consistent O__o When I try to draw the same character twice one looks like a kid and the other like a grownup gangster... (maybe not that extreme, but you know what I mean)

Anyhow, I look forward to reading this one as well! (^o^)/
@DLA: Haha, they are cute when they sleep though ;3

Thank you ^^
And I usually don't get much comments, so it's probably not very hard to be first on my pages, but congrats anyway! xD
Uhh, this past week feels both long and short .__. My mom has had her birthday, and my sister came over with her 12-day-old child : > So now I know babies are not for the fainthearted.... xP
Ichi; what would you do if you could become an animal for a day, and which animal? (Without sensei knowing)

Same to sensei~ :3
Thank you very much for your comments! C:
The sketchiness of the pages will probably just go with my mood then, so sometimes it will be more, and sometimes less : ))