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Hi, i'm justen. A budding comic artist, if you will and emphasis on the "budding"! I try my best though and hopefully people around the world will love and read my comics.

some of my hobbies include drawing(duh), sleeping, playing video games, listening to music, hanging out with my friends and discovering new things.

one day I would like to travel the world and meet tons of different types of people, but for now, i'm fine where I am.

I may seem kinda smarmy at times, but i'm a really nice guy I suppose and always happy to make a new friend.
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A brief Hiatus
I feel so embarrassed, but obviously the comic is a bit later than normal.... Work related stuff in conjunction with stupid technical problems caused me to not finish on time so I thought I would at least post some concept art instead. In this case, it's Fay Soff. Clearly, there isn't going to be any comic this week, but I plan to bring it back very shortly. I need to take some time off and work on some commissions I promised. Plus this will give me some time to flesh out the comic and work out some kinks that have been bugging me for a while. This is only a pet project for me after all and I still have to focus on my other job. Sorry about the inconvenience guys. Don't worry, Stretch Panic will be a back soon enough.
Hoo boy
Uh oh D: now you’ve went and pissed off big sis….

Do you think spirit sits around standing in front of windows waiting for lightning to strike so she can look all cool or do you think she’s just so bad ass nature forces lightning around her?

So this is spirit. I had planned on going into her design earlier than this, but here we are. Basically, since her thing is ghosts, I wanted her to have a other-wordly or ghost like aura to her while keeping her renaissance-y charm. Elegant and beautiful like a ghostly queen. Also, she’s eldest of a family of 12 with no parents to speak of so she can be a little strict…. I heard once that she actually used to SMILE! ikr? Crazy.

Hope you guys enjoy
Finally, the amazing Samantha Makes it on the scene and nothing brings her more joy than Linda’s suffering. However, even Sam might over step her bounds from time to time ^-^;

Hope you guys like it.
The comic’s late…it’s later at night….and I feel like garbage. To top it off, there are things I like about this particular strip, but also things I particularly despise about this strip. On one hand, Ann-droid looks cute…jelly looks cute….everyone looks cute. It’s awesome. not to mention, you’ve got Linda spitting FIRE (and good old cinder starting ACTUAL fires…damn) aaaaaand Jelly is pulling off a sick Jojo pose. I have a personal internal mission to have at least 1 Jojo pose in every strip, most of them being pulled off by jelly, but we’ll see how it goes. On the other hand….there is so much more I wish I could’ve pulled off with this strip. There’s a lot of black and white space. There’s not a whole lot of details in the background and I wish I could’ve done more with them or used them more artistically (there’s an art form to using negative space appropriately. Truly there is) , but I guess this is one of those scenarios where my self imposed deadline actually worked against me, but I guess I should’ve seen that coming. Just take my word for it when I say it’s been a terrible week….fun!
*Sigh* Welll I don’t even know what to say other than I hope it was worth the wait ^-^;;?
I unno….

I’m really sorry guys, I’ve had had like one of the worst weeks imaginable, but all excuses aside, i’m just not very good at this yet.

I can’t guarantee you guys will like my interpretation of the sisters, but i’ve got at least million ideas in my head and all I can do is my best and hope that that you guys like it. Pictured here is Jelly-chan and Fay Soff. Fay is based off of the more Ganguro style, where as Jelly-chan has a Lolita style. It would take too long for me to go deeper into my decisions here, but I wanted to take a different approach to their designs. Not just different personalities, but different styles of fashion as well. Also, I wanted to take a break from the “A” plot and focus a bit more on the personal life of the sister. Go into their aspects we never got to see :D. Both Fay and Jelly are pretty rotten in their own right, so you can imagine how poor Linda’s mornings must go XD.

Either way, I hope you guys like it and thank you for being so patient…
Next page!

Sorry I uploaded this one so late >_<;;; There’s a lot of stuff going on right now…

I think you beauties know what happens next. Mwuhaha e.e Now the fun stuff begins.

Fun fact: Each of those sister silhouettes are based on a design I’ve already come up with. (maybe you can guess who is who?). I’m really excited about the following chapters. I have a lot of ideas in store. I’ll try to start uploading at a much better time too ^^;;

Hope ya’ll like it.
The hits keep on commin'
Stretch Panic!!! Updates every other Monday.

I have a lot of questions here. Why are the demons such jerks? Demons or not, who just runs someone over like that? That’s just rude. Although, I guess a better question is why Linda was walking in the middle of the road in the first place… ah well :( . Hope you guys are still enjoying these. I know I am. Look forward to what the Demons will do next!
A classic scene
I wanted to start from the beginning so what better place than one of Stretch Panic's most beloved (and only) cutscene. Here I tried to also poke fun at it too ^_^; at least to make it somewhat interesting. Memorable or not, it's a pretty straight forward scene. However...Linda's adventure is only just about to begin!
can't wait to see the rest of the chapter ^_^! Keep up the good work Nami.
xD hit with bag? I guess you could say....he got "sacked" eh? lol
Dunn dun Duuuun!
Ooooh such suspense *3* Chapter 1 was so good and who is this mystery guy? I can't wait to read on to chapter 2!
I'm just now getting around to reading the new pages Nami sorry ^.^; It's really good so far though! One thing though. Towards the end Coral Soto says "ragic" life and I think it's meant to say "Tragic" life.
Just finished all the pages so far and I have to say this is awsome ^_^! The art work is great and the story is very interesting. I can't wait for more.