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Woop, me is voting~
I'm alsoh looking forward to finding out the mysterious box is all about o_O Carlotta is soh cooool *_*
The facial expression changing & her PIERCING *__*
The clothing is a WIN. I really like these two fiesty women meeting ;]
'I'm a horrible person!' :'D Kyaa, love this comic~
Reeeeally good :] Faaaved~
Love the art, & the characters, 'specially Gunner's blue eyes *__*
Undefeatable friendship TwT*
Can't wait for updaaates~
I can't stop Groovin'! :O
1. Mice,
2. the Ace of Spades,
3. Sudoku Girl,
4. a chocolate fountain &
5. orange crayon :]
The suspeeeense *__*
S.S. Freindship, yay! *joyfulness*
Black crayoooon :O *screeeeams*
Long Arm Larry is saaaved~
Now for crayon!? :O Hmm, "That's true." - lol.
I thought he was gonna be the superhero! & now he's gone all eeeevil *dies*
OMG, the plot thickens! *__*
Love the square-headed ACCEPTANCE guy on the S.S. Friendship~
the superhero in the last panel is Long Arm Larry.
& the'll be all: "Save us!"
& he'll be like: "No. But I'll save myself, lol."
Where's my happy button!? :O
CHIP! The next time someone eats them infront of me, I'mma sneak up behind them going "potatopotatopotatopotato... CHIP." ^_~
Reading the last, I was like *I wish I could see that up close*, & once again, HappyFaceComics fulfils my dreams :'D
Yet again, a happy cloud of distruction *face splits into gigantically wide smile*
Balloon - 1, Skyscraper - 0. Haha~
the freaking face in the freaking last panel - OMG *__*