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Hi owo
I'm a totally fan XD
just maybe, i can draw something, so don't expect to much.

i'm practicing, to improve my style!
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Kim wearing black XD
he may be soo jealous of wes, if he intend to get kyle's atention like that XD

love the page!
curiosity killed the cat, dear... xD
January 17th, 2017
oh wow... -clic clic clic until the button is broken- Where is the next page???!!! XD
nice way to let us wonder what will happen now, with that lil canival XD
January 6th, 2017
@DarkLemon: not only that Coke is older... but he's stronger too! it's interesting the confidence he has.
btw, i've send you a private message XD
January 6th, 2017
@DarkLemon: Thank you! ^^
Ohh!! never imaginated that Coke was older than wolf XD
Wolfy is such a big kid.
January 6th, 2017
how old are they?
nice comic btw!
XD i though they wher talking about Sakura Card Captor (for the magical girl captor thing) XDD
Después de todo lo malo que me ha pasado este día, ni siquiera tengo ganas de escribir en inglés...
Pero... Llegar aquí... y ver esa risa XD
Gracias, me has hecho el día con esta página, es hermosa! Y me arrancaste una buena risa luego de ver como Kimrick trollea un poco a Kylee XD Es la clase de troleadas que uno le hace a la persona que te gusta jajaja me encanta.
Buen trabajo! Sigan haciendo más paginas como esta, amo este comic cada vez más!
September 2nd, 2016
@TimBit: XDDD
XDDDDDD so cute!
i need more pages!! good work with this comic!
XD nice comic!
i'll keep waiting for more pages! ^^
good work!
@sunnysideupdicks: I agree with you.
Also, if Kimmy where that hartless, he could have rejected take a bath together, and let him like that. and not care a shit about his injuries.
it was kylee's fault, not Kim's.
But he let Kylee come in the bathroom with him, so... that's a nice change(?)
I just hope Kylee don't try something funny, because i think this will end in a Kylee with a hit on his face.(yes, another one)
August 25th, 2016
awww i really like the expressions in the whole page XD
@Kushina: A non-homophobic mom plus she's not a fujoshi mom. so yes, she's awesome xD
SERGIO!!!! OMG!!! SO KAWAII!!! -hugs the lil boy and his Zubat-
Excelet picture! they look so cute!! XD
I just make an account in topastic to keep reading your comic. o3o
Now i'm Kazvy.
Good luck! with your life in japan! XD
aww i want to see simon and sergio again.
btw nilus is cute as ever xD
I can't but think that something like this...
is going to happen to our dear Kylee XDDDD
}Haaaay!!! pero que bonita portada!!!
se ve tan tranquilo XD
May 12th, 2016
Marissa! you are the best! XD