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Hi owo
I'm a totally fan XD
just maybe, i can draw something, so don't expect to much.

i'm practicing, to improve my style!
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Ay! me encanta como dibujaaas!
Ella es adorable!
August 5th, 2019
@Travelingpooch: XD lol same
@DarkLemon: You get better and better at drawing, i love it!
i really miss this comic, when will you post more chapters?
@Naruhina2124: The most beautiful panel in the whole manga!
Can we have more updates? please?
I really love your style, and your comic!
I've been waiting months, and will wait the time it takes you to update.
Just, wanted to tell you how amazing you are, and we hope you can continue this cute and funny manga.
And... OMG! You got so good at drawing boys!! Congrats!
don't worry dear.
good to hear you are feeling better ^^
April 11th, 2018
Oooh! so he was a canival before that. Nice! i want to know how he started eating flesh XD
Damn... i knew he hit him, but never imagined that much. The guy is a beast!
My poor Kim, XD he's just to explosive, and don't know how to interact with people in a situation like this... maybe he just need time. But Ky-chan will make him angry if he keep talking with sarcasm.
OMG OMG OMG!! I'm so happy, that you are going to continue making more chapters!! yay!!!
Oh my baby...
February 23rd, 2018
Woah! Nice background! I like the whole page!
@Xaryna: A Nightmare!!! XD That's a very good way to describe an exboyfriend XD
Ok, I really like Buni XD
Photographic evidance... That's a clasic XD
LOL! Their dreams are connected?? XD
That's awesome! love his reaction in this page XD
Nice way of meet someone... in a dream like this XD
Kim wearing black XD
he may be soo jealous of wes, if he intend to get kyle's atention like that XD

love the page!