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lol this made me laugh cause of their expression. Good job
this looks so fantastic mappy!Nice job on drawing Seth and remembering his hat
The story
so I woke up last Wednesday and my computer would not turn on. So yesterday we took it into best buy and they looked over it apparently theres no point in repairing it since the mother board is almost fried so...I'm going to have to get someone to build me a new computer. Or I have to buy a new one =( what also sucks is I finished page 25 for the comic the night before it died!!!
I'm really sorry guys
This comic is just so damn awesome
The Pokemon is so adorable!
lol his face is priceless on the 2nd to last panel
tell her what?! WHAT IS IT?
thats a cool helmet
You all maybe see whats coming next. This was my first time ever drawing Yoshi. How did I do? Its been a kind of ruff week got dumped and playing the waiting game >.> I hate this game!
Thanks for all the comments
TheStranger- That must be a pretty cool trick to have. Does it work?
mappy41- Behind the restaurant into the garbage can!Nah I'm just kidding
piconano- The brownies have a pinch of shrooms to it XD
kai173-there is usually more then one chef in a restaurant
Meeleb- Shes not dead don't worry
Shlaraki- it was actually a ladle not a frying pan XD yes it does rock

UPDATES- Wednesdays!!!
Or turtle up?
This was a kind of wild idea I had while playing an MORPG I just felt like doing it sense it seemed fun and hey it works for this months theme I did this before I knew the theme
-Characters belong to Mushroom Soup
Don't steal or I'll kill =3
your home a crime scene thats never good to come home too
yah im totally alright my neck was just bitten and had a lot of blood sucked out stupid question
*has a heart attack from the surprise* jk
hes so happy and adorable in the first panel
oh thats gotta sting
then go home man your a vampire your spouse to be home schooled and sit around drinking wine with a good book XD
when I drew Seth's face I had been watching way too much one piece. Any ways hope you enjoyed todays page thanks for all the comments! Keep on rocking!

Updates Wednesdays!
money money money! MONEY!