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I want to publish a graphic novel before my 30th birthday. I am currently 19. Within eleven years, I must a) refine my drawing ability to professional standards, b) finish off all the middling details still left unraveled in my prospective story, c) graduate from college, d) get a job as an editor so I don't starve while trying to publish a graphic novel, e) find a publishing company that will work with me (I'm hoping that David Lillie's personal publishing company will expand one day enough to include me in his protective circle), and f), get some freaking work ethic. I read a lot of manga, fanfiction, Tv Tropes, and stuff, so I'm distracted a lot of the time. That needs to change. If I want to be a better artist, I must be an artist every day!

Holy hell, I forgot I had this thing. Here I was, all ready to create a new account, and here I find I've already got one. :/ How silly can you be.
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What is going on who are these people
You are moving REALLY FAST for a webcomic. Will we get a proper introduction to these characters soon? What is making that noise WHY IS SHE BLEEDING FROM HER NOSE ALL THE TIME? Can't wait to read more.
I hope she lives up to your expectations, Starcatcher! Thanks for the comment!

Today, Lily learned how bastardize a hologram effect by using way too many masks.

In other news, I quite like my new banner. The previous one was too derivative of Homestuck with the little meteor things. This one is a lot more 'Junky'. Little floating balls of light are much more indicative of a silly fantasy adventure story.
But what about Antelope Island?
So, I decided to use Utah as a place of origin because I grew up there. Sounds pretty reasonable, yes?

But then, why would a Utahn native not know about Antelope Island? It's a perfectly reasonable assumption, even if it's too small to be Antelope Island, with the wrong kind of trees and other flora. The answer is that...

Hold on...

Okay, his older brother was a manipulative douche and made him think it's a lie.

I suppose I COULD make him be from North Dakota or some place that is even more totally landlocked than Utah, but I actually LIKED Utah, despite the community, so there.
Yes, color is a wonderful thing. But, you know, being able to update is a wonderful thing too. Actually, I've been thinking about making all of the comics in Flash. Not colored, but just to have a cleaner lineart. Those hand-made word balloons aren't winning me any prizes, you know.
Slowing down
Okay, this is the last one for tonight. Thanks for reading... if, you know, anybody is reading this... if not, that's okay too...

Awww, thanks you guys! ^__^