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Thank you to everyone!
Here's a link to the tumblr page:

If you don't have a Tumblr, let me know you're interested in me putting it on my Deviantart. If you don't have a Deviantart, let me know that you want it on Smackjeeves. If there's enough interest, I will upload it!
Happy Singles Awareness Day.

This is actually the first Valentines day I'm not single.
Yeah, I started dating someone in the 25 days I haven't updated this comic (I'm so sorry...)
Actually I technically dated two people, but the first one didn't stick but I found someone else. So... fancy.

Here's a bigger version
omg a new page <3 <3 *dies of happiness*
I hope you continue this ;u; I really love this story.
@yurikatt: No, it just depends how I am dressed and even then most people just use girl pronouns since that's how they know me and I'm okay with that.
@AsianIdiot16: I dunno, birthdays have never been fun to me. I can never celebrate how I want to, and I don't even have any friends to celebrate it with so it just makes me sad. idk I'm weird.
@WuBoytheHedgehog: Nah, it's not a minecraft heart, at least not intentionally. It's just a simple pixel heart.
Yay 35 fans! This one's also kinda sad... hm...
And the art is pretty pathetic. But I did draw it kind of fast. (It's almost 8 right now, I haven't slept all night I'm so tired...)

Also I made a tumblr account for strictly art purposes.

So now you can ask me questions and reblog art for all your friends to see.
1) ALA stands for Anime Los Angeles.
2) I dyed my hair fuschia! It's pink with blonde roots now :C (even if I change my hair color, I'm gonna leave the shade of my hair in the comics the same. Just for less confusion.)
3) My friend cover name King got the nickname on her badge as Jake From StateFarm. It was pretty funny. If she goes next year she's going to wear a red shirt and khakis. Though I don't think anyone will remember it next year.
4) I had to fit 4 people in my room. And that's about the space I had for the rest of my room. Luckily I don't have a desk or anything, just a tv and some drawers that aren't even mine, they're my moms and they're in my room because. My room is also the hottest in the house so with four people it was terrible. Also, one of them can't sleep with the lights on so I had to leave it on until she fell asleep. It was annoying. I didn't even have a bed, I just slept on a little floor pad that basically doesn't do anything. I ended up sleeping on the couch.
5) Buy ALL the things. Actually I didn't even really buy much. Most of my money was spent on cheap food from Denny's. (and I had to pay for one girl's food because on the first day she only had like 2 dollars left. Like, I know I'm letting you stay at my house but we don't have that much money to feed you...) Other than that I bought some pins (those circles), SOAP! and it came with some lotion, and I bought this phone charm that's a purple tentacle and a little plastic thing that goes in your audio jack so you can attach a phone charm to your smart phone. Best 25 cents ever spent...
6) Worst drawn bacon ever.
7) This is self explanatory... also those are chairs. WHATEVA
8) Also self explanatory!

I bet Bowie read ALL OF THAT. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE CODENAME BOWIE! I know you read this. o-o
I missed you SJ.
Sorry I've been so busy having friend drama, family drama, some holidays/birthdays, and I also went to an anime convention.
Anime Los Angeles~ I'll make a comic strip about it next.
In fact, I'm so tired (and lazy *cough* ) That I'm not even gonna color this. Just lineart. Deal with it. Sorry, I'll continue coloring them just right now I wanna give you guys an update today. :D

Yes, I have had this conversation. She didn't even believe me no matter how many times I told her this.
Then I met her ex-boyfriend and he also thought you can't get AIDS from anal. Seriously, people need to get educated...
I mean, I understand that I went to some privileged school where we got a sex/AIDS assembly, and at the school I was at in Junior/Senior year there was a large population of Christians and Mormons and I understand that the parents would have more likely been against it.
But this girl wasn't even Christian or Mormon. She was a white-trash juggalo from Texas (not that everyone in Texas is white-trash or a juggalo.) Just... ugh...
this is so cute *sob* ;u; how does this have only have 9 fans? I hope you'll make another comic soon~
I've been drawing I swear
I just haven't been able to finalize anything with fancy lineart ;-; But I have all these sketches here... I'll do one soon~ I promise!!
@GreenKrog: haha thanks. I'm not hateful to her. She's just... she's a terrible person. I'll probably make more comics about her, because she's just done so much stuff that is either stupid or just plain ridiculous that I can.
@redleaveshavefallen: Ugh that sounds terrible. You'll find one too~
*sob* I love you guys
I decided I would give you guys a confession every 'thanks for whatever-many-people' The next one will be at 35 then 45 then every 15 after that, if it ever even gets that far.

So basically, yes, I've never dated someone.
There was this one girl who I "dated" but she was honestly literally was dating 5 people (that I know of) at the same time and whenever we hung out, all she did was Skype one of them and always text others. We never did anything together, even if we hung out together, and most of the time we were "dating" it was me just avoiding and ignoring her until she gave me a reason to dump her.
So that's my reason why I really just don't count her. It was just a title and it didn't mean anything. She is seriously the reason why I created the comic before this one about bisexuals who aren't bisexual. She's not bisexual, she is not attracted to women at all.
@BadBanana: thanks so much <3
@Cartoonwannabe: Thank you so much ;u;
It's rare for me to text so many people.

These names are actual people, I just gave them nicknames for anonymity. If they ever show up later, this will be their name.
The only time I've used 'That's so gay' is when my best friend (who is gay) says something that's really flamboyant so I'll say 'You're so gay' and he says it to me too if I say something. I don't say it any other time since it's become a joke between us.
and thank you <3
@GreenKrog: Ah, so he can't stand basically... how people few the stereotypical gay males. Which I guess I can understand. Some people are just out there with their sexuality.
And of course, it must be terrible being associated with drag queens. :/ Some people just don't understand things haha
@Kikaharu: It has the same definition, but there's a difference between romantic orientation and sexual orientation.
My mom said this once when I was going to tell her that "That's so gay" is offensive. I don't know what "bad" gay is.

But my mom is stubborn and is my mom, so I didn't fight her about it. It's rare that she says it though.

I changed the colors a bit. The background is still purple, but the people are slightly red to contrast it. I don't know if it'll stick (still playing with colors~ ) but I like it.