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Hello, hello!
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the ninjasexparty part did it for me xD
There's always that one kid who says the shorts line in every single game
Welp, its now that time of year when I nail a duck to the top of my head.
I just found this webcomic last night, just wanted to say beautiful story and artwork so far :)
...and ready to partay :P
The internet has lost a great animator, i've watched his stuff for a few years now. RIP Edd.
This sounds awesome!
February 19th, 2012
Sketch page...
Made for a contest I participated in on !

The theme was to draw a tree that represents you. I got 3rd place, woooooo!
@contradiction123: That's not a chest, thats a coffin. Didn't ya know hes a vampire?
I could have sworn he would be under the box. xD
Nobody ever wants to be with the guy who takes you through pewter city in the fire red game...
'ello viewers! I came across this insanely fun forum:

I encourage everyone to check out this fun, free forum called The Society! It's a fun online community where you can meet lots of friendly and funny people and talk about anything! Try signing up and see what it's all about!

PS: Tell people "Gster" sent you there ;)
I kind of like how we just have different catagories for different kinds of art such as the random drawings page, but adding new catagories would be cool.
I thought pokemon only fainted after getting hurt D:
yay now he can steal all of Wallis's stuff in the name of the dark overlord :D
You have a pretty interesting style! I really like the figure on the top left!
darn I missed the halloween one! Oh well, i'll do this one for sure!
This is kind of old and is usually counted as scrap work. Felt like putting this here.

Now that my pencil and paper are here, I should get drawing, hehe!
d'awww! they're really cute!