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English is not my mother tongue, please forgive my bad grammar.
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Awwww, this is so cute ♥
(Hun, did my comment on the last page deleted ö _ ö ?)
So adorable <3
Wanna know what they dream <3
More of this cuteness x////3
Awww, so cute ♥
I like Nilus here with this plush, n'aw <3
Give it to her, Simon!

Oh and Sergio likes 'cute girls'...?
*looks at Nilus*
Well, but that is AFTER everywhere kid u 3 u
I like Simon and Sergio together so much!

I like the new colors of the page and the new banner, pretty awesome <3
Oh and i get the feeling that Simon will start to like Nilus and Sergio likes Simon and that Sergio will become jealous of Nilus...
I hope I'm wrong because Simon and Sergio are cute ; ///// ; Especially Sergio, how he adores Simon/Everywhere Kid, n'awwww !!
N'awww SERGIO! ♥
You are just too cute.
Please, Simon, don't be so mean ; _ ;
Spend him more attention!
That's.... that's just too cute ; ~ ;
I will die because of this sweetness!
Please, I want a hug scene with Simon and Sergio, just for the "Awwww" ; ///// ; They are so cute together... no, I do not pair but... owwww, they remind me of two little cute puppys!
Haha so cute Simon, so cute!! xD ♥
And Sergio, n'ow, he doesn't stop to blush > //// <
Wanna hug him!
Awww I love Sergio so much <3
He is incredible cute x3 I want to cuddle him > //// <
And the story is awesome, really!
I want to know which power Sergio has... or "The Gentleman". Oh, I'm so excited to read the next page > //// <
I can't wait, more please!