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"Come here, Papa J, and let me school you somethin' somethin'"

Sergio. /Sergio/. Being this chill is a little disconcerting for me, but I'm still down for whatever.

Thanks you guys, both. (I vote for occasional side comics from punkt! lol)
3D 8bit Feathersworth!
October 5th, 2012
Oh noooes! Mummy and Daddy are fighting! D=
Self-cest! Do it, Scotty! Hahaha
Man, the way Devoto switches in and out of his formal speech just to slip in a "y'know", hearing it in my head (as James Woods' Hades in mannerism), always has me giggling.
^^^ agreed

Dammit, chicky, this dude is falling all over you! [drags hands down cheeks]
Whaaa, Daddy Everywhere there by his lonesome? Please don't be attacked =x
I wanna be like that to the neighborhood boys.

"So good to see you, Tommy!"

Boob perch hug.

Yup, filthy devil worshiper. He's going to eat your children too. [rollseyes] Don't get your panties in a bunch and let your blue-eyed belle save you ;D
Oh my~

Wait, I still see...that arrow sticking out your chest, bruh...
@Z-Lover oh gawd xD

How do I liiiive withoooout yoooou~♪
"You hate karaoke :'[ "

"Yes. Yes I do."

July 10th, 2012

Oh man,like everyone else, I knew it was either the ceiling or a door frame.

Anyway, poor baboo! But it's nice to see no evident lasting marks <3 Well, at least nothing lame like a scar caused by a door frame :x

Thank you for the page <3
And then he hits his head on the ceiling
You terrible, terrible person!! How could you leave us hanging like this?! xD thank you so much for the update <3
I know its been said a million times, but: last panel--dat face xD <3

On another note, Baskerviiiiilllllesss
Such a cute and well thought out name
This I love
As long as it doesn't kill you, please keep this style up <3
Of /course/ it's awesome!!! It's /our/ pet egg! This is /our/ love child!

He shall be named Naotogawa~ <3
of course the mommy's name goes first
April 21st, 2012
I'm going with the second style.

As everyone's said already, both styles are great, but I just personally prefer good sketchy. Not just any sketchy, but GOOD sketchy, and yours is just that =]
Aw, lovely, don't tear yourself up over us <333 and lol! donating food, i completely understand.

Hmm, if it helps, I'll buy a commission from you or a couple depending on how much I can afford <3 I've never done so before, so I don't know how I go about getting/ordering/requesting one @.@

Either way, it sucks that you've actually dried your funds for the time being, and we love you so much for even getting to that point for us.

Good luck in the future
dood, I'm seriously thinking chris will look /nothing/ like his character now xD