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I mean, I don't see any windows in any room so it is safe to assume the entirety of the hallways smell like shit.
Might wanna fix the test in the 4th panel.
She is here for your braaaaaain!
And Bass took the sunrise and sprinkled it with death.
Well, this is it. Something that was part of my for 8 years ends today, but for you it's Tuesday...or Wednesday somewhere.
Thank you all who actually read this comic, doesn't matter if you were here from the start and put up with my annoying updating schedule, or if you've recently discovered this.

So much time has passed since I started this. I graduated high school AND college AND found a job.... Even in the Megaman world stuff happened, Mighty no. 9 happened, Megaman 11 was announced. Heck, the Archie Megaman comic came out...and was cancelled. That comic is what I always wanted, a lack of such a way to experience Megaman was the reason I started this comic to begin with. Not like I can compared to that, not by a mile.

Well, I thought I would be happier, but I just kinda feel relieved, disappointed and kinda like I wasted so much time... though if someone out there enjoyed this I guess it was worth it a bit.

Will there be more? Probably not, unless someone actually good at making comics wants to pick up where I left off XD.

Fight Mega Man, for everlasting peace.
@kingdomguy15: He probably had his own comic adventures.
@Lionheart261: Thanks. Doesn't seem to affect other people so far.
You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Seeing how Megaman Dissonance has 2 chapters left, I thought to see whether my reader are interested in a Q&A? Basically after chapter 13 I will publish a series of comics answering whatever questions you might have in regards to Megaman Dissonance.
So send your questions with the subject "Megaman Dissonance QA" through private messaging. 1 question at a time and keep it SFW and civil, or don't, can't force ya, but only the appropriate ones will be answered. Criticism is welcomed too.

You can go ahead and just comment your questions here.

So I will accept questions for the next 3 weeks, also till July 12th.

So ask away and thanks in advance.
@TheJGamer: Who? I don't see no Dr. Wily. It's just a shady villain.
@Poke fan 1: emphasis
@Poke fan 1: [FIVE]
@MegaBoyX7: Fixed.
Needed more Plutonium.
@Elemental Kirby: It's a shield of blades.
@Elemental Kirby: It's not a scythe swing.
@Elemental Kirby: indeed it is
@Elemental Kirby: Not really 3D, just perspective.