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@Lionheart261: Thanks. Doesn't seem to affect other people so far.
You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Seeing how Megaman Dissonance has 2 chapters left, I thought to see whether my reader are interested in a Q&A? Basically after chapter 13 I will publish a series of comics answering whatever questions you might have in regards to Megaman Dissonance.
So send your questions with the subject "Megaman Dissonance QA" through private messaging. 1 question at a time and keep it SFW and civil, or don't, can't force ya, but only the appropriate ones will be answered. Criticism is welcomed too.

You can go ahead and just comment your questions here.

So I will accept questions for the next 3 weeks, also till July 12th.

So ask away and thanks in advance.
@TheJGamer: Who? I don't see no Dr. Wily. It's just a shady villain.
@Poke fan 1: emphasis
@Poke fan 1: [FIVE]
@MegaBoyX7: Fixed.
Needed more Plutonium.
@Elemental Kirby: It's a shield of blades.
@Elemental Kirby: It's not a scythe swing.
@Elemental Kirby: indeed it is
@Elemental Kirby: Not really 3D, just perspective.
@HyperTurtle32: Wasn't he alway?
@gd: I don't like relying on references.
Fins 'n Chips
Hah. that's a new one.
@Ruan: They are the regular DHN-generation robots built by Dr. Hook and like explained, they were prototypes of the Savebots.