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September 25th, 2016
@yaoiioay: There will be more soon! ^__^
It lives! :D <3
Hi! :D So, I have been thinking about this comic a lot lately, and I've come to the conclusion that I might be more motivated to put pages out faster if I revamp a few things a bit. This story is very old (as evidenced by the fact, for example, that everyone has flip phones XD), and quite a few things I would write differently if I were to write "Burn" today. SO. I'll be going back and changing a few things, like Darryn's course of study and maybe even Kyo's name (with that name, he is just so reminiscent of Kio from Loveless! >_<). So you might notice a few changes. The basic plot however remains the same, I just need to find a fresh angle. That was a lot of words! Tl;dr. The story continues!
To tide you guys over until the next page, here is a set of adorable bishie protraits of our Fab Four (lol - they wish). ^_^

Created using this fantastic game:
Guys - Thank you SO MUCH for sticking with this comic. I know my upload schedule is abysmal, and I'm so glad that you like my boys enough to come back! ^__^ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
OH HAI! :) *smokebomb*
Hi guys! ^^;; <3
@DeathWolf & @TrueLiesLost: XD Well, he is very tired and doesn't want to stay up another 20 minutes evading. ;)
Best friends are best friends for a reason.

And with this, I disappear again... I don't know for how long, but we will be back! ^_~
OMG LOOK. A page. XD I always apologize for my tardiness because I'm so horrendously sporadic with updates. Life has been insane in more ways than one, and sometimes when you have an artsy job, you don't feel much like being especially artsy after work. But I love these boys, the BJDs are always on my desk, and I will finish this comic even if it's in trickles and bits. Thank you to everyone who sticks with us. ^_^

That said, there's another page already cued up for next week! :D
Guys. Guys. I swear I have drawings. I am going to update soon. I don't even know, it's been a crazy year. ^^; Sorry for the incredibly long wait, thank you for sticking with us! <3
Aw. Well, they did say "confession".
Whaaaat? A page? Here?? This is far too shocking! o.o I am so sorry you guys, drawing comics has been so much on the backburner. But I will always come back! ^^;
Someone's busted...
Look, I'm alive! ^^;
@Tessabel: XD That made me laugh and made my day.
Next up: Things get complicated! Again... :3
Hi guys! I'm still alive! >.< Ah, there was ever so much going on, and drawing kept getting postponed. Sigh. But here's two new pages to make up for the wait a little bit? ^_~
Ahahaha... well, the effect this will have on Scott's libido could go either way. I'll be interested to see where it goes.
You guys are awesome!! Thank you for reading, as always. I never thought so many people would enjoy this little project. Makes me feel guilty I don't spend more time on it! lol. But I want to keep it fun and relaxing, since that's why I started it. :)

Thank you especially to everyone who comments, and to those who have been around from the beginning. It's all very much appreciated! ^_^