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Oh shoot, I called it 13.
Chaging that now.
EDIT: It's now called the right name.
Tears of blood are messed.
Sword in the eye much.
I havn't updated in so long....I'M SORRY ;_:
You can use my pie sprite.
Sorry for the sort of filler comic school just started, AND GUESS WHAT!!!THIS IS MY FIRST YEAR IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!:3
....I'm stupid arn't I?
someone needs to update...
No comment.
I found it unaafair how he lived last time so I wahted him dead.
I tried out making the faces (Emotions mouths) after resizing. Let me just say Never Again
Sorry about the messy paneles I messed up putting them togeter and since it was filler I got lazy sorry.
Cliff hanger
My first cameo *sniff sniff*.
Welcome to Speed Highway
Okay, so coviently on the one week mark, Sonic has enough rings(Not Nine Thousand, he's just lame).

So I've renamed this comic Speed Highway, as an all purpose title. Hopefully the next plot will take longer, and won't have such a long stop in the middle (Sorry 'bout that).

Feel free to express concern or advice, although I may be slow in replying.
I felt like introrducing my cahracter but I don't want anyone else doing anything with him so he's staying off the sprite page for now K'.
I joined Whites team someone needed to.
Bg at :