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Hi, I like slash/BL/yaoi, but I'm not limited to the genre. :3
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am I the only one terrified for Julius and Bradley (and possible the kids)? D:
Quinton is on his way to exact revenge! >< nyuuu~!
aw, thank you for updating so frequently. :3 <3

and hopefully the laptop repair won't take so long. D: i couldn't survive without my laptop. ><

and, i love ray's expression on the very last panel xD
i love Ray's expressions xD
what a magnificent happy place too. lol
ohmigosh, i feel the same way! i love your art style and story-telling style <3
:DD I love the Kuroshitsuji references
and lol, is that a happy face earring I see? xD i love this comic <3
i hafta admit, i was lured in by the banner. :3 and i'm loving this comic so far. <3
July 23rd, 2011
lol, this comment is so late, but:
Achievement unlocked! :D
July 6th, 2011
:D i love this!
July 6th, 2011
i love how you tied this all in with the other viewpoints so far. :D
but poor zebra...
oh noes, the all-seeing moon D:
omg, ditto what Tinzone said! ^~^ <33
omigosh! is he finally getting his powers? >w<
omg sergio~! spaz! xD <3
though i don't see his hearts-for-pupils anymore.. :S

And whuuuuut xD can't wait to see how Julius makes an appearance
<333 Awww, I'm glad Simon isn't insensitive, just brash. the last few panels... ;Q; so cute!!
o3o i like libraries. free books! though it sucks when libraries don't have the funds to update their books.
omigawd! sergio is soooo cute!! >w<
Though I do wonder at the other 26 quirks... o3o
June 14th, 2011
lol, he's got a valid point.
i know you did this page a while back, but I just wanted to say:
Whoaa~! Polaroids!! xD You don't see much of those around these days.
Plus I like the shadow shading when the flash goes off :)
omigosh yay! i'm glad I refreshed the page one more time before calling it quits and going off to bed.

Seems like Simon has heard of Quinton before. This'll be interesting. :)