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With their hair blowing back in the first panel, they all look so epic! Just add an explosion behind them and make them all putting on sunglasses: bam! You made the new Michael Bay movie
Road to El Dorado
Is the Captain now... Miguel?! /shiny eyes
Flowers would do nicely, I think. And I am pretty sure I felt the same way as Pea when I got my first kiss :}
I don't really care for Pea in these past scenes. Yeah, I get you were yelled at, your HAND was slapped, and the guy you like is in the brig. BIG DEAL! YOUR SISTER MAY BE DYING FOR GOODNESS SAKES! She should be less selfish and be trying to help her sister.
I am pretty sure Vash on a pony is my role model. It shows you are sociable, friendly, willing to lend a hand, and only want LOVE AND PEACE in the world.
Oh course! A sonic screwdriver!
In the fourth panel it looks like a Emil's version of Neil de Grasse Tyson's "We got a bad ass over here!" meme from 9gag.
Thank you for using Nathan Fillion to break it to us. <3 And I hope her project goes well!
Happy 800 pages! :D
Nostalgia Critic is better >.> lol
I have neither, that is why youtube is my best friend when I happen to see these updates, hahaha.
As do I, that is why I am grateful it is a good song. <3 Kiss Me Kate and Ella Fitzgerald
Ever since you started doing these drawings, I have had "Too Darn Hot" stuck in my head. Dx lol
This is such a Jareth opening from Labyrinth xD LOVE IT! :D
Posted earlier, now I got to this in less than two minutes. I am verrry interested in reading this : D
First page and I am already drawn in by your artwork. The sierra colouring is just beautiful
I just started to read this today, and I say it is amazing! Your drawing is beautiful, reminds me of a 2D version of any of Tim Burton's claymations. The colouring is very beautiful, as well. You definitely know your techniques.
I am captured by the story so far. I hope you do continue this :]
I love this comic, I really do. Your art is fantastic! Sooo... Zombie like, is the best I can put it. Please continue! : D
D: I wanna know sooon! How could she not like him?!