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True Archon
Archon of the Crushed Skulls' Cabal.
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┬źDie Death of Death┬╗... I love even more this little wytch.
A true Wych
I'm falling in love for her...
Lelith Hesperax
I love her.
New Pulse Rifle
Why the new Pulse Rifle TTau has the barrel striped?
It shoots a low power plasma bullets that don't need a barrel striped.
Don't be Stupid
@Nooooooo! Poor scourge!

Don't be stupid!
Be happy that aren't you in this situation and taste his pain and his soul, instead.
He has lost one of his Drakons!
In my country says Karnak, I read the subtitle to be sure.
Loneliness in Klingon...
Greater Wood
Many Wytches are excellent woodcutter.
RE: Witch Cult Arena
I prefer the wytches, they are awesome!
We Eldar must change a little the Tau form: the clogs are the least sexy thing in the galaxy.
RE: ummmm
The arm is the right.