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I'm just someone who comments seldomly because I'm so darn shy. x_x
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That happens to me a lot... Totally energized at work, but as soon as I get home: Tired as hell. T_T
@Falconer: I can totally relate to your strip >.<
"I could stay up and do that, that and that - OR I could go to sleep because I have to get up at 5am and I'll be dead tired if I stay up too long..." So horrible.... T_T
Oh gosh, this page is killing me xDDDD *dies laughing*
Happy birthday, H0ly! :D
Hahaha xD I have to confess I don't feel sorry for Rat, never liked Pikachus anyway ^.^ Atty's face in the last panel is epic :D
Dragonthing looks so cute in panel 5 and 6! ^u^
"Everybody leaves"? You're exaggerating a bit ;) There's still people who'll follow you forever and ever and ever (and so on). XD
WOOOO~ Congrats! I'm delighted for you! :D
August 11th, 2013
I'm alive, too <3 And sooo happy about a new page ^_^
Sounds familiar XD
Either the characters I like vanish without a trace or they die. :c
Gosh, this is awesome, it made me burst out laughing XD
@Falconer: I also know that place, I was there a few years ago, exactly at that same verge of doom... but somehow I made it out alive.
I don't remember how I managed to do it, maybe by letting go of something I'd held very dear back then, but that's just my guess.
Anyway, things WILL get better, never give up! I know EVERYONE says that, but it's true.
And if you ever get into that dark place again, you can tell yourself "I made it out of here last time, I'll do it again this time for sure!" ^_^
Somehow... I was expecting her to evolve, but I wasn't sure if she'd really evolve. xD But I was looking forward to it <3
Cute puppy picture makes up for everything <3 I love baby pets, I always want to cuddle them >u<

@Arc Impulse
I agree! I have a picture of my dog as a puppy in our kitchen, he was sooo cute back then! :D
That happens to me, too! But I normally realize sooner or later (in the dream) that I don't have to work and that it's all just a dream. And then I wonder why I was working in my dream although I should be fast asleep... o_o
Same for me, I also don't like being an adult D: Being a child was (is) so much more fun!
Yay~ I was waiting for your new comic :D
Beautiful page ^-^
March 14th, 2011
I watched part 2 of the outline livestream... All I have to say is SO.MANY.DETAILS. Especially in the last panel, you're really amazing, rannsama *u*
Aaaand I like Sifris when he's annoyed in the lower panels. XD Besides, I love Terence (had to write that XD).

Uhm, and isn't it "Doesn't she have a pride at all?" ? Not sure though, since I'm not English myself. ;_;