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I like romance, humor, and smut. Horror, fantasy, and scifi, graphic violence, and gore are also really entertaining. I don't usually enjoy angst if it doesn't end happily (Disney kid = Craving for happy endings), though I can handle sad-but-just endings as well. Compromise endings work too. No sad.

I LOVE creatures. Made up, mythological, even historically-proven creatures fascinate me. You'll be sure to get brownie points for creativity.

All in all, I'm here to observe. I have yet to master drawing the same person twice. Chibis even give me a hard time ^^; So yeah, don't look forward to comics from me until I deem myself better at it, but I'm big on giving feedback! :D
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He's Alive!
I love poor Julius's expressions the last couple of pages! So distressed! As always, Nilus's way of speaking/lack of understanding made me giggle :) "Sergio probably weighs about the same amount as a damp cat." xD Love it! Can't wait to see what Aedh is like.
I'm with Blue Shayde; the art's awesome and the bits of occult here and there are worth the wait