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^ Evenmoarfluffiermon ftw.
Honestly, making a comic with characters you made yourself would be better in my opinion.
It would be much more interesting to read because it wouldn't be the same characters everyone sees over and over again.
I for one would be interested in seeing some of your own stories.


Well. To be honest, he's leaning too much to the left. So much that it looks like he's going to fall over.
The effects don't make the awkward looking arms and small ears look any better while i'm at it.
Geez what a bitch.
These are really good so far.
What about "the final stand"? Is anyone ever gonna update that? I might when i have the time but it's been a pretty busy week.
Good idea, i only really need to finish Mahou.. I really don't want to make a suisei sprite sheet for some reason.
So I'll finish mahou's sheet and then work on Vance.
Yes? No? Is there anything i can do to make him better?
This is mahou so far. I really need help making the hair better, because to me it looks a little iffy.

I mean, i really need help with the hair. :c If anyone is willing to help me please do.

After i'm done with this sheet i'm going to make his friend, Suisei, they're both magic users, mages.
An old character of mine that i decided to make in sprite form.
It doesn't look all that great right now, but i guess i can fix it up.
Epic, good luck with the sprite sheet for it.
Not yet. I'm still thinking.
Critque it.

EDIT: His name is Aetos. The only thing i know about it is that i do believe that it is Greek in origin, i just don't know what the hell it means.
I guess curse is a good one, so is dusk, but dusk is the name of another character that my friend made. So i don't think it'd be a good idea to use that name.
Thank you for your suggestions so far, i'm still thinking of a name though.
Custom sprites of my character for an RP, and a picture of him while i'm at it.

These are NOT meant to be sonic advance style sprites, so i wouldn't say they're too big, in my opinion.
;_; he still needs a name if you guys will be nice enough to give him one.
Shadowemerl is right, absols aren't twice the size of a regular human, and pansage looks way too big aswell, and not just because of the tree on his head.
Shadcream is creepy on so many levels.
Okay, i'm working on some new flame sprites, but i can post them.
A character for Sky: Gems of the Elements, he's not done yet.

I got some of those adult tails sprites from somewhere. i forgot where though, and the rest i made myself. (the tails sprites have no tail because renji is a wolf, he doesn't have a fox tail)
i'm just assuming that though.