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@Karyra: Oh the irony of this comment. Sorry for the unexpected closure, but the artist had to temporarily stop for various reasons and has never resumed. Nor do I expect it to :(
Glad you liked it though :)

Happy Christmas all.
Hiya. I did actually remember on Friday, honest. I was just waiting to see if Robyn would get a new page to me on time. As you can see she hasn't (other things take precedence I'm afraid) so there's more concept arty filler.
Hiya y'all. I apologise for the filler, but Robyn's in the middle of essay season and we don't have a buffer at the moment. So instead here's some of the first concept art she did for the comic.

Usual service will maybe be resumed next week. Hopefully.
Happy FRIDAY, everyone! It's definitely FRIDAY, and NOT Saturday! Yes it is! Y'all's calendars are wrong...
Friday again already? At least I remembered this time...
Caves, Johnson!
The Nottingham caves are actually quite interesting. People used to live in some of them at some point. There's a couple of sites about it:

Both have maps showing the sheer number and size of them, (at the bottom in the second link; which also has 3D maps). There's rumoured to be a nightclub that goes into one.

Also, the caves are very convenient plot devices.
Sorry, once again I forget the importance of Friday. Rebecca Black would be appalled.

I may as well just be honest change the description to "Updated Friday or Saturday, depending on whether I remember on Friday."
Sorry about it being late in the day. Once again I've had a busy'un and forgot the full implications of it being Friday.
Sorry about the late upload. I had a busy Friday and just plain forgot. Not very professional.
This is one of the better looking episodes, I reckon.

Does anyone else remember the Magic School Bus episode with the Pepper's Ghost in? I think they were in some sort of creepy theatre or something. It's definitely not the same episode as with the creepy music-hotel (that one's awesome) as that's about sound and this is about... light? Maybe?
A lot of breweries in the UK offer tours. They don't let you shoot the place up though.

I feel I should just make it a little clearer, Rowan is shooting where Alexandra just pointed.
Some of you might have noticed that the story is of a slightly different style in Noir, and The Adventures of Dr. McNinja were an influence on this. They also delve deep into the uses of inverse ninja law. Check it out, if you don't already (just google it).
Robyn's DA
Hey. In case you didn't see in the news, you can find Robyn (the artist's) DA here
September 2nd, 2011
Also sounds like an emo album.
Hiya. Mystery Incorporated UK is a loose parody of Scooby Doo and the mystery genre as a whole. There are two story arcs at the moment: a completed, more comic arc (so there's plenty to read) and the current, better written more action based arc. What you see here is the first page of this second arc.

The site:
The beginning of the second arc:

Oh yeah, and being British is NOT a requirement, but there are a few jokes and references it'll help with. Ta! :)
July 29th, 2011
I'd take that class:
"The reptiles in Nintendo's Super Mario World, friendly and evil, represent the shattered psyche of the hero. The narrative centres on his overcoming his self-loathing in order to win back the woman he loves. Discuss."
For the non-British out there, Greggs is a chain of bakeries and though I personally love it, it doesn't have a particularly classy reputation. The maple-pecan whirl things are lovely though.
Late upload
Yeah, sorry about this. I tried to upload this earlier but for some reason the file was too large. Luckily, Robyn's somehow managed to downgrade the quality and more than half the file size without making it look too much worse.