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I love eating XDD and love drawing whenever I have the free time...I would draw :)
I also have another account on here called Mam-ii, and I thought I wanted to create another account because I wanted to stray away from the shoujo genre :P....well i'll try to anywaiiz XD
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Here Here ^_^
Here's page 5 ^_^
It been time since I uploaded haha Just started school, and like have to prepare for GCSE's >_<
Here's page 3 :)
SFX- DON -Big Impact ^_^

Just realised a Typo * feeling :)

I'm so addicted to a new wii game i bought >_< I'm on it 24/7 and i only start drawing at 1 am haha ^_^
@Sammy7XD: Potassium!!....i think? ^_^
here's pg 2 ^_^
remember read RIGHT to LEFT! XDD
SFX- Sound of Staring
Hey my first page! maybe pages will be coming not so fast, as I like doing everything by hand, cept from screentoning sometimes, coz real screentone is expensive :/ but if u look closely i did put some real screentone in there XDD

SFX= Jiiiii- Sound of staring
Remember RIGHT to LEFT :)
Hey! This is my first webcomic on this account, I had another account before called Mam-ii, but i thought i'd make another account cause I'm well cool, jkjk. I just wanted to get away from the shoujo genre for a bit and maybe try a different genre so here we go!