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I eat babies and love webcomics
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What can Judge Man even do? He is a freakin' JUDGE. Who builds a judge with weapons."I sentence you to a lifetime in...death" and just starts shooting the guy. its moronic

P.S. just naming your robot so ends in 'man' is just asking for trouble. you never see Auto, Roll, or Beat dying (though i guess you could sort of kill rush, but he deserved it. A spring, wohoo). and i have a very long post

P.S.S. Love your comics
well, i gotta say, i'm impressed with you knowing-stuff skills
first comment (w00t)
did they ever put any thought into how megaman and sonic are going to get back?
PS i've been reading ypu comic for longer than you've been on smackjeeves
i know more then i think you think i know (i think)
second coment. Couldn't Ashura just send all the badguys through his time thing and send them all to the big bang where they wil be out of reach of the invicibility machine
brawl looks awseome, cause i know thats where you got it from
i now pronounce you the new king of randomness
*gives crown, but then stabs in back*
looks like i win again

ostrich eggs are big enough to feed a starving family in africa for a bit
britney spears is a retard. she is like queen of the retards. plus, shes married to paris hilton, which makes her also queen of the reatards (or king. hmmmmmm)
Daisy is a whore. she does everyone in mushroom kingdom, plus whatever kingdom she rules
isn't the assasin a recolor?? does that mean he has to commit hara-kari (ritual Japanese suicide for those of you who don't know). i want to see that
it took me 3 months to get this
hey jiggly-puff person, why do you comment on every episode?? plus i like pichu better in melee (he may seem weak but he kicks @$$
how about tai-o-ken, fist of the sun. it blinds the enemy temporarily with really bright light
chaos control is actually freezes time by using a chaos emerald
just got to say that i actually read sonic and pals. i love your comic
i agree. mosst sharp objects are dangerous. so dont run with knives
*star shots by*

P.S. if you didn't get that joke, you suck and should read
i feel that it is great, and keep it up, for if you quit making comics like some of my other favorite comic writer, i will kill you
you have a sick corropted mind
i have no idea how to speak 1337, hell, i don't even know what 1337 means.