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I like M/M, slice-of-life, fluff, (b)romance, epic friendships, and HEAs. I'm not a serious hobby-artist/comicker, I'm definitely not much of a storyteller, and, as a chronic procrastinator, I don't draw nearly as much as I ought to...

In any case, thanks for reading! Hopefully you'll get some enjoyment from my stuff. :>

dA: boolsajo
Ao3: Sajo
Oh my goodness, the boys are so cute! <3
Thank you so much, Santa!
March 1st, 2015
Oh geez, you have such a beautiful style (art, font, everything)! And I really like the premise of this, seeing as I identify as aro-ace myself!
Keep up the great work :)
Oh...oh my god.

Thank you so much, Secret Santa!
Ahh...oops (status update)
Thank you very much for the feedback @SkarletFeather and @Silvry!

(AHH this is like...months too late, I'm so sorry, everyone!)

To address other guest readers:
I definitely know it's not fun at all when webcomics don't update for ages, but...I am far, FAR from professional regarding this comic, and updates are, quite literally, sporadic. I started this comic without much thought, as one casual avenue of ~practicing~ but lol...
Anyway, the comic isn't actually dead! I still do want to expand on the characters some more...

I don't know when the next update will be, however. Sorry!
I don't know if I actually like how the top panel came out...and the whole page looks weird because I stopped at that...
Oh well, experimentation right? :D
@Rospez: Thank you so much! (TBH I'm still kind of baffled at how panels and backgrounds work, but I guess I'm making some progress XD)
Dude's finally calmed down.
@Aiyume: Yay! Haha, I love cute scenes myself, but I haven't gotten the chance to do many of those yet *sob*

(And oop, it was really late when I posted that comment. The style shift makes me cringe, especially regarding Jiho XD cuz I don't like his look in the early pages...)
Oh jeez, you have such an attractive style. All your characters look more beautiful every time I see your pages XD

I can understand Howie's POV about college. Stressed, but not so hung up about it like Sooch is. (Two weeks is plenty of time to study! Really!)
The alcohol's gotten to him, it's the only thing that explains this.

(In other news, good god the old pages are cringeworthy...)
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@HuckFinnGirl92 @shadowpen @Canarykate:
Thank you all so much for your nice comments! >u<

@Ravens: Hehehe, I'm glad Jiho's personality comes across like that!
Christ Jiho, leave the poor guy alone.

(Bricks, man. Why.)

저벅 저벅 = 'step step'
휘청 = 'wobble'/'stagger'
멈칫 = 'stop'/'halt'
@Aiyume: Hehe, thanks for the words of encouragement on the last page!
As for what's gonna happen...well, I do quite like gentlemen! ;)

@Coco: I'm so happy to be making updates, omg. Thanks so much!! ^u^
...I should probably concretize the interior decor of this bar......

Noona [누나] = literally "elder sister"; used by males to address older (but still youthful) females.
June 14th, 2014
Your comic is lovely! I like how the story's unfolding so far, just enough mystery to the characters' histories.

But what I REALLY enjoy is the great variety of facial features *u* (and the dramatic paneling in some of the previous pages!)

@EmmaVieceli: Eheheh, thank you so much! (TBH, I stick with pencils because I'm too lazy to practice using my tablet...)

@Aiyume: Traditional pencil work is what I'm most comfy with, haha XD Thank you~ (Also thanks for sticking with this comic, even though my production rate is atrocious!)
Augh, speech bubbles are so very strangely tricky to draw by hand.

Hyung [형] = "elder brother"; used by males to address an older male
@BakaShinagami: Thanks! I like the pencil look, too! Also your comment about Jiho made me laugh aloud XD
Back to pencils for this page XD
Thanks for all your input!

@GriddedKnight: Hehe, that's a relief to hear! Thank you! :D

@Mil: Yeah...I like the traditional look better too (after much thought)... Thank you!

@Aiyume: That's what I'll probably do...but then again, who knows?? This comic is more an experiment than something serious after all...
Thank you so much for your kind words! uwu