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two bestfriend who loves to work together
Mikan and Muba

we're into manga, specially shoujo, shounen, yaoi and yuri <3

i seriously start to love this TwT)b
your watercolor technique is superb! and wanna read more
thanks XDD
pelase keep watching us <3
@TehBlue : lolol right you are! always become the victim XDDD

@amypaki: thank you XDDDD
Thanks a lot for +50 faves, everyone! We really glad you like these two, please keep watching us! :D

Anyway, two updates today! Special for you, guys! <3
thanks.. glad you like it :D
thank you XDD
@April : thanks :D update today, more for you then >W<

@TheBlue ikr! thatn's so true, lol