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[Update: 15th Dec 2018] Just busy with other things, hardly staying put to draw as much.


-Boys 2 Love (hiatus)
-Little Sweet Angelic Demon (hiatus)

All comics above contain BOYS LOVE <3
I'm not an active artist but I try to be. Will try not to be d.e.a.d. 8'D
Take it slow, Lumpy..
@Pooie: I was late. But good job there, Pooie! C:
Count me in. I do want an active collab webcomic. C: not to mention BL <3
Yay <33
@Vulcain: Thank you! I'm glad to know that. I truly appreciate your great words. :'D
Happy <333
@GHOX: Thank you kindly! That gave me a boost. C:
*[Nephilim, since they aren't pure demons are regarded as lesser and disgusting creatures by the demon elites]
-Definition taken from Fleffi. ^ ^
@YukixKaname1: Thanks! A good new year ahead to you too! ;D <3
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holiday! C:
I may have a story but it can go to different outcome depending on which i will come to decide. It'll take time.

Hmm.. Clive looks too worried. Which he shouldn't look that bad. I'll try altering his expression when it get to it.
@skylervanity72: Thank you for looking forward to it. :'D
@hally580: Yes and it makes you want to hug him tight and never let go <3
End of this chapter. Yeah for this chapter I decided to make it short. Sorry it took this long. Three months is long yeah. I'm thinking of making another short doujinshi of these two after this so I'm not sure when I'll start drawing them out. I haven't given up on this comic yet.
Thank you <3
@Maxxu: I'm happy to know that but I'm stil no match for the great Haruka Minami Sensei. (Q//v//Q) <3
-Loaded with school assignments-
Still haven't downloaded the full version of adobe photoshop. Might wanna download mangastudio if i can too.

The next page is slowly in progress since I have to prioritize mostly on my school work. :')
I find it annoying that at times my smackjeeves web pages detected Trojan.. and i don't think it's healthy for my lapotop.
*still busy*
I'll comment/reply soon. //busy
I love you Jeff <3
Yup he can be but I'm still too kind to bring that kind of character out to my characters so he's not that threatening if it's from me. But all in all, Jeff is so not evil. Though he can be but that dependsss.
your drawings are lovely as ever <33
It's really cool that your part of the story is unique and meaningful. I learned new things that I never knew of, and made me curious too. Kaleb is sure full of surprises. See I tell ya, I wouldn't know this side of Kaleb if it wasn't for you. It gets more interesting! X)

Lol and for Jeff.. Well, I can't really imagine how he would take in if he knew. But I'm sure he's not that..menacing. I think. hahahaha.
you are loved
@Fleffi: I support you! <333 *fangirling* (Q//7//Q)