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I would 1000000% wear that bag with me to the hospital every, single, day.
Is the soil wet? Floppy usually means to much water

But, it can also mean to little water if it's bone dry
I donno but they need to keep it forever
Danger senses still tingling
My danger senses are tingling.

What do they do with the kids when they get older?
Sounds like you need some sunlight!

Have the winter time bluesssss.
Maybe buy yourself a plant bulb and sit under it. Possibly pretend your a happy flower or something something
They say when you wake up in the middle of something in a dream your brain couldn't think of a solution so it wakes you up lol
Its kinda like, brain cheating
Sounds like s ok me one wants to die lol

Don't wake me up on my 1 day off a week.
@Falconer: you can plan my rl farm for me online.
It's almost the same thing lol
Should have come to Florida.

We have the fabled Florida man and no one here ever sleeps.
I remember being soooooo freaked out when this originally came out and I got there.

Its funny in the remastered version they made dead hand less bloody
I could tell you all the stories
The new content is super fun. Especially the 24 man raid.

I didn't even get mad and have to stop raising people
I think it has figured out real food is better than dreams
Seriously, best retelling ever.
I'm sorry.
Hopefully it's just the winter blues from lack of sunlight.
Seriously me yesterday too.

I think maybe we are getting old. :(
It's that gaming emotional togetherness
@Falconer: *also cries

Now we are just stuck with Zenos for potential game husbando
Kinda reminds me of this one time with Haurchefant..... :(