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Born in 1987, Vilnius (LT). 2006-10 studying in Vilnius Academy of Art, graphics. Specialized in iliustration. 2005 - now iliustrates children picture books. In 2008 had her first personal exhibition "Nobodies". Starting from 2010 - studies Japonology. Future dreams: publishing a comic book in japanese style (manga) based on Baltic mythology.
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    Agne Latinyte
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yay I'm not so late with update this wekkend ;p (it's still sunday :D)
Well well, a little about the characters from Ugne's perspective ;)
Sorry, for the long wait, my dears, the studies really struck me like lightning...
So just two things to mention about this page ^^
1. satanhouse is just the name teenagers call one old monastery is Vilnius oldtown, more why it's called like that will be in further pages ;)
2. alternative script, I was really eager at the time to draw this small strip of it, now it looks a bit silly :D
Ugne is really mad, remeber why? (her favourite thing to do?)
Another weekend update ^^, tomorrow also don't forget to check page 11 ;p
Thank you for all the comments :D
Don't worry "more" will be coming every weekend ^^
As for english, as I already mentioned english is not my mothertongue, so there might be mistakes or wronf word order, I'll try to improve that while consulting with my friends, who study english phylology or even my english teacher at the university if I will be brave enought ;p
Taip taip, cia Vilnius ^^
Is tiesu tai as labai nemoku paisyti miesto vaizdeliu, tai labai dziaugiuos, kad jums patinka ir, kad taip lengvai atpazistate :D
January 24th, 2011
Thank you all, I'm so glad you liked it and I surely hope not to disappoint my very first fans of this manga in the future :)
thank you all very much,
and for more - as it is said in the home page - updates every weekend, so stay tuned ;p
cool, I'm very glad ^^
oh, it's very simple why I wrote the blood type :D, I hate zodiac signs, but some countries love to guess fortunes and character type from his or her blood type (read more about this in wikipedia ;p), so for you it might be a noncense, but other people might now a lot more about my character just from her blood type ^^
Btw flying sheeps mean a very sweet and deep sleep she was awaken from.
hahaha I know that feeling when you bump into a pole :D
For those who understands meaning of "alio" - how do you say it in english?
Gonna color it someday...
A little extra for my patient readers, sorry for delaying update, had an exam today :)
January 8th, 2011
I like that your comic is in colors, they really suits it :D and looks nice :) great job :D
And the story continues... Oh well, it's just the very beginning ^^;
January 6th, 2011
OMG lovely drawing style, I esspecialy like how you add the shadows, looks amazing, very alive ;)
love it
I just looove your drawing style!!!