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Nite Lewis
Well...15 years old, slighty schizophrenic and a living death wish (...yeah, I know). Loves manga (specially yaoi & shounen-ai), kittens and rock bands. In short: she's crazy.
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Wha, nonononononono, I have to keep reading~!!! There has to be more!
Amazing work, honestly. I can only imagine how tiring drawing those dresses and buildings can be. Congratulations!
Oh god - I was just drinking a glass of coke when I saw that little broken heart... good thing I could swallow fast enough, or my monitor would be sticky right now.

Your pages are made of win.
Ohhhhh. All of a sudden, I think I know how's it going to end.

Mayor lurker here *waves*
Ahh, c'mon, no comments on the "you forgot to teach me how to use my phone"?

Yes, yes, I plan to comment from the very beginning. 'Coz this is just that awesome.
I Bruce gets like this with tang, I wouldn't like to be around when there's booze.
You sly Batman, you.
This is made of win, indeed.
Ohh, that poor Tang.
I read, and I love this. Sadly, I'm pretty much of a lurker, so don't expect a lot of comments from me.

This is AMAZING O.O Just like Holy said, I don't get why you don't have more fans already!
I love this page. It may be because of the change of perspective, but I think it's right there at the TOP 5 of your best pages.
Really? I'm always happy to find a comic with lots of pages - it makes my day :)

Ahhh, I'm entering on NaNo for the first time ever! My story's gonna be in Spanish, though.

Uhhh... lurker here x'D hello!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I must know what happens next!!! Must... press... next button... *click click click click click click CLICK!*

Curse me and my inability to leave actual comments.
Hi Becca xD

I seriously love your inking. What pen do you use? Or is it digital? I've renctly purchased one, but it's lines look nothing like yours... *stares at the webcomic and drools*

Err- what was I saying? Such lovely drawings.
SCSC!!! FINALLY! I thought I had lost you forever... *sobs* But it's here now! :D
Yes we do :D Well, at least I do! It's really interesting, and the style is very professional.
I'd been wondering - isn't it difficult for Leonest to eat with those hands?