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Aren Kitsune
I'm an amateur musician and artist, gamer, and furry.
Not sure what else to put... If you want to know anything else about me, just ask; I don't bite.
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    Aren Reid
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Yay! It's back! :D
Definitely like the new shading style!
"Minor setback by Jason" How'd she do anything of the sort? She uh... Kinda failed horribly at stalking Isabel to work xD

Definitely like the new shading style
@FuRrY321: Oh wow! 0.o That kinda sucks...
Oh, definitely not x3 Yeah, but I think he'll be nicer to the larger folk after this
That is why you don't mess with the larger folk. This is what they do; they sit on you XD

Great page as always guys
Try using a treat on her x3
Hahaha! Poor Jason
Somehow I think Karma or something's out to get her :P
Lol! of course she finds the bad way of getting in XD

Shading looks pretty gewd :3
I know what's under the wrap: His fluffy tail. XP
So... Cute!! ^w^
Two references at once. Nicely done guys X3
can't see what Jason's doing in the last panel.
I just love the comic. I'd love to donate, if only I had a paypal account. -_-
Yay! More updates ^_^