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Black Roger
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Completely off topic, are you a Bruce Lee fan? Or is the one inch punch referring to something else and I'm just really behind the times?
And this is why my lady friend and I do not get a cat.

Also why cats get no four loko. Lawl.
Completely understandable
While it is a topic full of interesting and important topics, I can certainly understand hesitation to do political stuff. I'm liking the comic the way it is, funny day to day adventures of Rori. And ya, it's really easy to get fired up about <noun> and how they <verbed> the <noun> at the <event>.
The consistent commitments are always the toughest. You're doing a great job so far, and we're looking forward to more in the future. Keep it up!
That's when you bust out the bacon grease and stealthily spread it on the popcorn. Everyone carries around spare bacon grease, right? ...>.>
Totally digging the coffee vapor as the Smack Jeeves logo.

Hope the live chat session went well. Did you ever end up on the show?
Return of the kitty! All fear the foofyness!! (Read in scary monster type voice)
Oh, what's dance party like? Is it anything like DDR? I haven't played in ages.
Planning is very hard for me too sometimes, but I have a much worse time with actual action. Like I mentioned before, I have my own goals. Those plans are in the works, but I'm having the worst time with actual action. Anyhow, hope you got your work done alright. Thanks for making the time to write the comics.
Wooo! Poo jokes! It's odd how funny they are sometimes. I guess it's nice to take a break from "high class" humor and just enjoy yourself now and then. I'm just glad that the two of you can have so much fun just talking and joking with each other.
My girlfriend and I talk every so often about how odd it is to have married friends. It really hit when we started attending and being in the marriages that, at this time in our lives, some people choose to make the plunge. I'm glad you're happily married, and that you have lots of years together, but I also kinda understand his point of view.

...And done. I went back and commented on the last few comics I missed. Keep it up! We're looking forward to end of month 1 comic!
"When Harry met Sally".

Alternately, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly".
It's always awkward.
I've had this happen to me before too, and even in hindsight I don't really know how to react. If you find an answer beyond the kinda wide eyed "Oh look, I have something to do" approach, you let me know.
You must have a nice cat.
My friends say they usually have the opposite effect. The cat either sits on their faces or meows at them until they wake up. Your cat must be especially affectionate.
Oh man.
My girlfriend totally does that too. The best part is when she points something completely off topic mid sentence.
I'm guilty of that. guilty...chocolate covered pretzels anyone?
I understand cabin fever.
Especially in this weather. How's the freelance work you wrote about earlier coming along?
Black Roger
January 11th, 2011
Digging the art style. I'm interested to see where the story goes. I'll check in every so often.
I like it.
A much more western comic. I'll check in to see where this goes.
That's cool.
Grats on the freelance work. I completely understand what you mean by wanting to make enough with your own talents rather than depend on a day job. Mine kinda sucks too.

This is entirely unrelated, but I adore the cashier you drew in panel 2. It seems like she just walked off the set from some 80's sitcom. Her hair is so foofy!