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Ewan's leg hair is in zig-zags... I just can't.
Well now... WHAT'S THIS?!

It's WASP week! That means its time for this old webcomic to get a makeover, courtesy of the manga tour de force that is Chie Kutsuwada (eeek!).

It's so exciting to have Chie drawing my characters, she's an amazing creator. You can find her work here:

And be sure to keep an eye on the other comics coming up on the WASP roster:
Blake my boy your heart is WAAAAAYYYY too big for your own good :'< I love how romantic this boy is.
@Helena Rose HEY! I scripted these two pages and (as it says at the top of the page in big capital letters :D) they were drawn by Paula Albaneze. Have a look at her comic HMS croc Doctor! Link's in the description.

@Earthfield I LOVE what Paula's done ^^ Very chuffed
Page 2 of Paula Albaneze's special guest feature. GO READ HER COMIC:

Cya next time matey ;D
EEEEK!!!! I am SOOO chuffed!

As part of WASP (Webcomic artist swap project) Fruit Machine has been taken over by the AMAZING Paula Albaneze, creator of HSM Croc Doctor: <<ACE comic! Do please go read all of it.

She did an astonishing job. Anyone who's listened to my ranting knows what a sucker i am for expressions and well, Paula blew it out the park. Enjoy this little snippet from on the tube.
This is the reason my update is late >o< sorry!

Quick little divider is another Patrick Wolf: Get lost -

I always have to listen to this song when I'm exploring a new city. Something of a tradition.

@LADYKAZUMI I'm sorry! Q^Q What were you confused about? maybe i can help clear things up if you'd like

@3o-s-knight EEEK! Thankyouuu! i hope it wasn't too headshot-y? I love your interpretations ;D It helps me get an idea of how others are interpreting the characters. I learned the other day that the word for this sort of thing is "semantics" One of those words i wish i'd learned earlier.

I definitely think Sheri's making an effort to be bold and upfront with jason, he's being a lot less subtle than i think he would be normally.

@TheMysteriousM (!!!) WOW! What a wonderful (and mysterious) comment!

Hehe, you're not the only one not to be keen on the cheeks. My dad, particularly, thinks they look stupid. But that's the beauty of this being my comic i guess ;D Thanks so much for the compliments. I do try hard to give the clothes movement, and yeah... boys and their legs XD
I do hope you continue to enjoy the comic and thanks again for the crit and the compliments. It was lovely to hear from you xxx
Hope you all had a delicious, beautiful, bawdy Valentines day xxx

@*milk+assassin* This was a totally self indulgent and (OH GOD) such good fun! XD I'm glad you approve! That makes me feel extremely justified *^w^*
Eeeeee!! can't wait for more!!
Those speech bubble look like sperm...

I've become too attached to change them
BFFFTT!!!!!NNNGGHHH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! *other orgasm sounds* Dear lordy I've missed the dulcet tones of your comic. these kids man! I love these guys so mucho! eeek! I love their expressions and moods. I like how candid Sasha's being around blythe about this. Wonder if he's feeling a bit daring, showing off to her how he's moved on from loving her. And I wonder what she'll say?!?!? Oooh! I don't have a ship I have an armada!
This page is for my friend Emily who has been owed a cameo for a long while ^^ She's in the stripy scarf. All the best Emily!

@InfiniteIon This seems to happen to them a lot :0

@3o-s-knight Ian's on the left there ditching jason, so the crushes have already been dumped together in the middle of london ^^ MWAHAHAHAHA!! Lets see what happens shall we!
Hope you'll excuse the lack of backgrounds for now ^^; I've got a lot of reference for the next part.

@3o-s-knight De' wee chubby cheeks ^)3)^ Thanks lovely ^^ I had a class trip almost exact like this last year so I'm trying to recreate it.

@JammyScribbler herp a derp derp ^^
Eeek. Sorry we're late. I FORGOT TO MENTION last time that its going to be ALTERNATE WEEKLY updates until my deadline is done with. So don't be too surprised if there's no update next week, I have basically ALL of the work to do :S BUT! Hope you enjoy 3 PAGES this week ^^ woop!
Who else is watching new Sherlock?? :)))))))

SO happy to see the boys back!