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There was this baby bunny outside today. It was running and stopped right in front of me before running away. IT WAS SO SMALL I COULD HAVE HELD IT IN MY HANDS. Fucking adorable <3
D< How could he? I'd slap him right then and there if I heard that. Traitorrrrr
T^T had to know it was gonna happen, but it's still pretty damn sad...
The summer/swimwear one! <3 Summer's coming up pretty quick here, too, so it fits~
LOL, I remember this xD Ah, my childhood...
LOL, that laugh xD KHR, ftw. I love Belphegor~ This immediately made me think of him, it's adorable.
Something tells me bad news in coming >w>
D: Aw...
April 29th, 2011
Well this certainly looks interesting.
April 28th, 2011
xD Aw. Don't tease him~
xD 50%
Also, I see Kuragehime up there~ :D I love that series, it's so sweet.
Aha, I'll try to soon :D
Also, the coloring is amazing on this. <3
Daw, they're worried about him. >w<
Vilani, I love this comic more and more with every update.
Daw~ >w< Most adorable couple ever, srsly. I really need to do some fanart for this. <3
Ooh~ I like him already :'D <3
Daw~ >w< You have no idea how much I love this <3
Kya~ You've made my day <3 I've been waiting for this.
These two are adorable. <3
I am loving you right now <3
This is me and my cat, all around. Though sometimes she can get too affectionate.

@The_Hankerchief: I'm sorry D': It's hard losing pets. I've lost many of my cats and I've somewhat recently lost my dog. I hope you feel better, hon.