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I think there is a missing 'of' in Dylan's bubble. "a lot [of] sweets" X:
Says thank instead of "than" x:
Read ahead in the magazine.

Now I get it.
…I didn't get a chance to tell "you" my friends were coming…

Awesome page.
Way smooth, Joa, not like he might get sick again, or anything.
In the last panel you wrote "wan't", no apostrophe.
X a k i
February 18th, 2012
Perhaps she says, "I divorced him."? D:
X a k i
February 17th, 2012
Lochlan is always so eager to... get arrested.
X a k i
February 16th, 2012
Those teleportation panels are awesome.
Still wouldn't hurt if he was less of a grumpypants.
Just saying.
X a k i
February 12th, 2012
In the third panel, it says and alien language, instead of an. X:
X a k i
February 10th, 2012
He's Lying!
He didn't get the cigarettes at all.
Marcos' expression is a lot like how I am.... every day ever.
If only he had some ketchup with that omelette.
I don't think anyone pointed it out, but there is a typo of 'idiot' in the second/third bubble. X:
His pride is being shattered by truthful words.
Last bubble, she says "then" instead of "than".

I do not think button mashing will work in
this case, sir. x<
I have to imagine he is pretty out of practice.
But it could be a similar thing to riding a bike.
Never forget, and all that.
X a k i
December 24th, 2011
I am dying.
Why wasn't Nigel Thornberry taken too?
I realised I did not post.
His shirt/sweater thing is... not black in panel two?