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I like to write, draw, play video games, etc...
I'm really wanting to write and draw a web comic but i would have to stay on it... that is hard for me to do. my mind flutters from one idea to the next and i forget easily and I'm a really bad bad bad speller :P it kinda sucks to be dyslectic.
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wow she is so beautiful!
Make sure to get lots of rest so your in tip top shape.
love you
and Nine's eyes are so beautiful.
he still looks super cute :) i like them both.
This is so interesting i cant wait to see more :)
@maplebee: i missed you, i had a bad day today and my night just got better, thanks mapplebee
I am sorry for your loss, and i'm happy that you had a nice Christmas. Niggle and YersiniaP are spot on. This picture makes me like winter it is really soothing.
the heart wants what the heart wants
kjan;fknv;fnv;nf, so cute!!!! I love this so much, fills me with happy feels.
He is so Sexy! I love the pumpkin :3 Wish all the big pumpkins were still for sale around my house or i would carve Jetii :P
@kangel: OH Happy late 74th birthday! I would have read this as soon as it was posted but i have the flu and have been seeing the Doctor all day and all night. I LOVE YOU!!!
Doctor Who.
I love how epic and showy they look.
YES!!!! I just got some shorts and they are SO Cute but all the pockets are sown shut, and i don't want to cut them open for fear that my cute ass shorts will DIE!
I just want to kiss her lips they are so plump and kissable.
Oh god she is so beautiful!!!
Wow this is lovely!
I'll jump in that pool too!
Yay i am so happy to have a large main character love interest!
I love you!!!
Wow I loved this story< it is so good, I'm happy for the happy ending :)