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I'ma spriter 8DD
My Lolcat username is Oskandjed61 and my youtube is Oskarmandude1.
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New chapter coming soon!
As the picture says, it will come on December 6th, just like Vice City mobile, I'll try to get it on my shitdrippled Android tablet if it stops freezing.
@Spear the Hedgehog
I want to actually be in the comic, please.
How do I apply for an appearance?
You don't need speech bubbles because the text is colored so you can identify the speaker.
@Ultimate Hedgehog:
It's not really the same plot, just heavily inspired.
More epicness to come!
Tell your friends and fans to read this series!
I accidentally made a typo, on panel 5, on line 3, Tails should've said "And then Shadow was", not "And then Shadow as".
Easiest OWNAGE ever!
You know you fail when you are straight, yet, proven to be a homosexual.
After a change of plans, the next episode WILL be a comic :D
The panels are too small, and the text is too big.

I'd rather not have bubbles.
It is heavily inspired by InSonicnia!
Episode 3 is up!
Constructive Criticism please!
Maybe I would if you had more spriting skill, at the moment, your work consists of recolors and very nonprofessional edits.

No offense, but hey, if you want, I can make new versions of your characters :D

And I use Gimp.
First episode!
Please, leave some constructive criticism here!
Nice comic series
Even though I don't like Sonic anymore, but PLEASE can you make Zonnow a non recolor? I can revamp your character if you want me to.
Oh laqdy
I've seen that Sonic edit in a Marnicx video lawl