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Screw you! We don't need descriptions!
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Aww! Come on dude! Mohawks are hot as hell! xDD

I love em...

But seriously. This comic pretty much answered my prayers here... It's not little boy girly shoutafest like a whole bunch of smackjeeves is... this was awesome ;D

I thank you!
*laughs butt off* Denied!
Well, that's certainly a "WTF WHO TOUCH ME?!?" face if I've ever seen one... Which is why I love this series so far xDD Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
'tsno problem! :3 actually, there's a lot of unorigional BL, a lot of unorigional furry, and other things on smackjeeves... BUT Chinaboys takes old concepts, and combines them into a new and refreshing tale! *hugs Will to death* You keep kicking ass man, kick that ass...

But where's our new monkey friend? He hasnt shown up in the picture! .x.
This has got to be the BEST GIFT EVER!!! Nothing beats Mecha Velma! She's the ULTIMATE Fanservice. Ignoring the gay hugfest at the bottom xDD

But I must say, your art and style has developed over time. And your story is very compelling. I really have to read this more and more and more each time xDD I have probably reread this over a gajillion times now!
Thanks for the compliments guys! :3 I love setsuna... he's one of my favorite people to draw...
And what is he reading? Probably Magical Stuffed Maimi xDD Inside joke. He really is the type to read magical girl books and shojo tales and etc. Poor lonely boy >w<
You've seen the chibi... see the man! :O
... Well, he's not much of a man, but he's a boy all the same!
Setsuna, by the way, is the younger brother, and he's the grey-haired one. So everyone calls him pidgeon boy. Ahaha!
Also, I figured I'd show my actual drawing style and not just my chibi. It's always a nice idea, and besides, it lets people know what he really looks like. I couldnt get his glasses to go on the chibi and make it work...
Ok, I am in love with Eliot. Eliot is my fav so far. I will pet him very much so... *pets the eliot*
Drawing in any of my classes was easy... I was shunned to the back of the classroom xDD So I had no worries about being caught. And if they caught me, they didnt really care. I passed all my classes after all!
>_> I was supposed to write a monolougue on the short story "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", but I never got around to it...
I'm also debating if it's too early to stick another picture up. Because it is one I actually drew...
Ahaha, I used a mouse, but I cheated a bit. I used the big round brush, some custom downloaded brushes, smudge tool and shape tool. Cant draw with a mouse to save my sweet precious life. But I have a tablet! But I dont have photoshop anymore... at least, till I can get another serial for it >_> It said the free trial ran out after 30 days... but it's only been 2...

I always drew in precal also xDD Precal, Psychology, my english classes, and once in a while my honors french IV or Physics. It's just when I can draw...

Ahaha, thanks for the compliment! Like I said before, just put a oval blob on their back area, and use the smudge tool in a graphics program. Works wonders >w< But I prefer to draw mine... it's just scanning never lets it come out well.
Hello Everyone!
Ahaha, I'm so sorry I havent been able to post anything lately. I just just graduated from high school, I had an issue at work, and I also have a hard time drawing out side of school. So it's hard cranking out pictures!

To introduce myself: I'm Stupidtheai, you can call me Stupid or Ai or whatever you feel like! And these two here are possibly the most winged duo I draw, Cornelius and Setsuna! Yes, they are brothers, and yes, I know it's a cruddy photoshop painting. I felt like something cute at the time, and cute is wonderful, so why not? I can actually draw xDD I just figured this picture was a nice way to start off.

So! If there are any questions, I'll be happy to answer, and if there's any questions about the brothers, you are also free to ask!

Nice to meet y'all!

... yes, those fluffly blobs on their back are abstract wings xDD So sue me. It's old.
This page. It's just made of win. God, why did noone comment on this?!? xDDD
Now when we say RIBBON xDD We dont mean the hair one or like a choker kind, do we? Do we mean the bow-tie kind?
Aw! So kawaii! *now wants to make one* >w<
MELLONHEAD! *heart* I love her. She's my new shiney object... *hugs, drags her up to rhode island with her*
ROFLMFAO Now if only That scanner worked, because Sean Rhee makes a comeback! xDDD I think we all love Sean rhee...
Yeah, I know what you mean max. It's hard to draw a stick figure as anything but a stick figure...
Actually, it's Dimitri! (Max-san has glasses!)

Ah yup! Thats you guys! ^w^ I am so sorry. I cant draw furries OR girls, so if you get insulted by my art, I appologize...

In case you canttell by his background, I'm debating whether to give Master-san Long, flowing hair, or shorter hair...

And Sean Rhee was so fun to draw @_@ I dont know why, but I just love drawing him cute... even though he's a cucca mouth...

@_@ And if you look to the right of masterweaver, you can kinda see the next character... or at least, part of him...
I aint dead yet: or, How I learned to stop worrying and accept fate.
As the comment implies, I have been having trouble with posting as of recently. I can only use the school scanner. And for some reason, it only likes to scan half my comics. So I have to try again tomorrow.

Uh, in the meantime, enjoy this really rough sketch? I felt like doing big style!

Lets play the guessing game! Who are these 4 people that I have sketched so far? 3 hints!

1) I cant draw furries, so the furry characters we love I have to draw normal manga style ;;;
2) Two should be incredibly obvious.
3) Someone swears a metric f-ton!

and those are the hints. When I have the second part sketched, I'll show you. and when It's all nice and cleany, I will show you the complete final shiney project...

but I aint dead. Believe me.

... *goes to resize this image*

EDIT: Yay, resize.
... is it obvious I have an easier time drawing guys? or a prefrence? Cuz I like girl characters too, but I cant draw chests.
>_> I love them... But I'm a bad person to ask about this, because I like all of them >w< *hugs them, and pets them*