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Weird, odd, strange and unique in a bad way. ^^

That basically translates to 'I'M BRITISH!'

I love being me. I have a job as a Saturday Girl in a hairdressers, and am currently attending sixth form in England.

I know little about computers and/or using them for artisticness, and am worrying over A Levels at the moment. Fun. I am also insane and talk to mself constantly, the product of an only child being all alone from 3-10 years of age. *sniffle*

I was not born in Maryland, France, Dublin or Dubai. I have never eaten crab, grass, rabbit or a twinkie, neither have I slept in the jungle, a flat or a castle.
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Ask him what? ASK HIM WHAT, MAN?!

LAWL, I haven't looked at this comic for ages. It's gotten so fun the past few pages. And here it ends T-T

Here's looking forward to the next page!

Kind of looks like Freddie Mercury. xD

Great colours though. Really beautiful in a...dead, sort of...way...[:
February 26th, 2009
Yessa, update time!

Lovely story. I'm glad I re-read it; so many pretty pictures to see! Thanks for updating x


And, you know, Kite's admission there makes this crushing-on-your-best-friend thing hella easier. ^____________^ Mmm, man lurrving.
Can anyone see this page? It's not coming up on my computer. (No Smackjeeves banners show up, either, so it's probably just me)
EDIT: Sorted. Nevermind.


@lavender_youko; Thank you! It's good to be back.
October 25th, 2008
God, he IS sexy XD
@lavender_youko: Thank you. I had fun. XD
And as to Sweet Sensation, you'll have to ask the actual author, Angel of Symphonia.

@ThisAndThat: Thank you. *grin* From you that makes me very happy. And I had fun, so, yay!

@LonenessAngel: Thank you, but, uh...Are you okay? *pokes* I hope death didn't hurt too much XD
Lui Says:
Taddaa! I'm ba-ack~!

Sorry about the crap shading. I just couldn't focus. BUT ooOMG we're getting somwhere. The actual story starts in just a few pages.

I'm on holiday for two weeks! I know, I know, you'll miss me. XD

While I'm away, enjoy some random filler-art of a character you won't see for a ve-e-e-ery long time.
GAH your art makes me cry. It's so frikkin beautiful! T_T

And I love that girl vampire. She's hilarious. XD Just, you know, stood around an ancient castle in her frilly undies...Nothing weird there...
I hope he doesn't follow in his 'father's' footsteps. Turn out like your proper father, Mister Dove, because while slight perversion is sweet in its own way, outright sexual assault doesn't do anything for a relationship XD
Oh, I am glad I commented, posh posh.
Although the discussion about body hair /may/ have scarred me even further. (Possible? Apparently.)

Corosa needs a HUG. And a My Little Pony doll. He'll feel better then. (Yay! name for Ghost!)
ROFL-copter! I didn't even think about interpreting it in a 'couple-ish' sort of way. *snort*

And she couldn't be evil; they need more people otherwise there's no room for deaths, what with having only two characters besides her and all. XD Well, she could but...that's my argument and I'm sticking to it! XD

It doesn't look girly to me. And I'm digging the fish tank. Piranhas? lol!

@Izniz in the biz: yeah, it just sorta'...flew at me outta' nowhere. --; No pun intended.

@lavender youko: Thank you, seriously, for taking the time to comment so much. It really means a lot.


Okay off the sap and moving on, your re-assurance is very comforting. :]
Chickens do rock, and Re...Well.
She gets weirder as it goes on. It's fun to do her dialogue, even if it has been pretty suckage so far. XD Thanks again!
Will tone when not brain-dead.

Shitty rocks? Why yes. Blame Immortal Rain, that is where I learned my rockage.

Hmm, maybe she isn't evil? Maybe...Maybe she's going to be HUNTED TOO.


I'm not even going to comment on the art because it's too awesome to be sullied with my inadequate vocabulary. :]

They seem kind of surprised to be called 'handsome'. Daaw, cute. Or is that something that I've managed to make up alone...? XD ...


Okay I'll stop now.

I just re-read it all. The lot. Dang nabbit did it ever take a long time! But I guess now I'm more likely to be able to remember the whole plot. XD

Damashiiiiii~! He seems to have some strange ability that draws women to him, in all his nerdy, badly dressed ways -Thank goodness for Aranya. Pretty, pretty page!
Lol, their expressions are so dramatic you can almost hear the gasps! XD

I love it.
I'm not sure what it is on his tray, but I'm sure scientists would love to dissect it XD

Bling! Yay! Plot devices! Ah Belle, you're such a girl, getting saved by masked men. He's your Zorro, your...your...[Enter other masked romantic heroes here]
God damn, this is so made of win.

I'm sure I commented before...Maybe not XD But still, FINALLY! MANLY MEN REFERENCES FOR ME TO LEARN FROM! Even if Corosa is a 'fag' :]I swear everything else just teaches gender confusion.

Also, he has orgasmic hair. NO SCALPING OF THE HAIR *licks*