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He can't.
@Lightning S. 464: They belong t Light.
September 30th, 2011
Elastikid: Pokemon Characters only go by One Name.
Game Freak Inc. only use the characters for cast roles. They don't have any actua depth.

Especially in the Japanese Version.
Ha ha! Zitz, Rash, and Pimple!
And the "Double Drgons" I presume are two Fire Bros that have studied martial arts?
Heh heh... Sneak Attack
Magnet Missile to the back.
Heh.. Another Brick Joke
Forgot about him during the read. A very strong uppercut.

And now, the Sun is angry.
Twin Intercepting Dragons
Go! Double Mushrooms! Red and Blue... and Green!
But, technically...
Isn't Rock himself a Robot Master?
Well, Technically...
The Laws of Robots stated that Robots cannot harm HUMANS, which Sonic, Knuckles, and Yoshi are not.

Really, "Black?"
That's not even a real name.
Digimon Evolution was a bit of a Mess.
And only temporary in the Anime and Mascot Fighters.

Pokemon Evolution was easy to understand. It was straightforward. Not to mention, permenant.
And No In-Game Reason Either...
I mean, if Game Freak Inc. wanted to use a new "mimic," couldn't they use one that makes more sense?
Mustang says Tiny Miniskirts?
Yeah, KJ. Try putting skimpy outfits on the likes of Bouncy and Boxy...

...and Kabula.
Was that really called for?

Ugh. I'm hating again.