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I hope you had a good birthday. :)
Children... nope. I never played with dolls as a little girl. I have never gone goo-goo-ga-ga over babies. I had difficulty interacting with other children when I WAS a child myself, and it's never gotten better. I'm in my 40s and the majority of the time I *still* have absolutely no idea what a child is saying when they're talking; I simply cannot decipher their meanings while they are still learning how to pronounce words properly. But...I don't hate kids, however awkward I may be around them. I'm an absolute sucker anytime a kid rings my doorbell and asks for donation for just about ANYTHING. Seeing children happy makes me immensely happy. I just have never wanted one of my own.

The only part of 'not having kids' I regret is... is there a word for that feeling of missing something you know you will never have? Whenever my husband (who thankfully also never wanted kids!) & I visit my parents, and we're fixing dinner, or playing games, or, well, doing anything, really... I 'miss' the fact that my husband & I will never have kids to visit us like that when we're older.

But I've always thought that having a baby is a decision of utmost import. If that baby isn't something you really REALLY want, if you don't ALREADY love it NO MATTER WHAT, if you aren't completely prepared (mentally, physically, emotionally, monetarily) for all the travails that will accompany having a baby, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, if raising that child and seeing them develop over the years and become their own person isn't your biggest interest, then it's a massive disservice to that possible new life to even consider having a baby. You don't have a baby for yourself. You have a baby for the person that baby will become. where did all that come from? Enough speechifying. Back to enjoying the comic!
So, I've been a supporter on Patreon since it began, but I continue to read the comic here, day by day, so that I don't splurge, read it all at once, and then have to wait for the next batch. This is my way of pacing myself.

This also means I have to stifle the urge to cry 3 times per week instead if just getting it all over with if I were to read the monthly bundle Patreon gives. I'm not sure which one of those would be better. I adored Wiley, and having lost someone I cared about, this hits home hard, even though it's been well over a decade now.

Still miss ya, 'Zoop'.
Your comic touches my heart. For that, all I can do is try to show my support, and to say 'thank you'... even though I understand the 'sucking at taking compliments', as I'm an introvert which has made me a real pro at re-directing compliments aimed at me to other targets.

So let's try something else, a toast at this party of ours:
To mutual appreciation, between fans and creator. Cheers! :)
In my opinion, they both made mistakes. Some rather egregious ones, even. But that's life, and that's relationships, and what really matters is how you work together to resolve any issues. This comic does a marvelous job at the way it looks at and portrays *life*.

Lovely way to end the chapter.
This makes me happy. :)
Haha, I hope they go "Wiley! You're gonna be our Interview Man from here on out! You're fantastic at this!"

Currently, that looks like that's absolute truth, unless there's something bad lurking deeper in the depths of the interview. It's a total hit so far!
Life would be so BORING without the weird.

Three cheers for couples that enjoy the weirdness!
There's been a lot of tension this chapter, and I'm sure it's not the last of it. I can only imagine what it's like to actually be the creator of this! You're well due a break after this 5-days-a-week buildup, so... let yourself relax. :)
I still don't completely agree with Lauren (ONLY because I handle this kind of situation differently, so take my 'not agreeing' with her in that context). I gotta say, though, I absolutely fucking LOVE the first 3 panels. Seriously. I want to frame them and hand them out to lots of people I know, from women too timid channel Lauren all the way across a vast spectrum to men too primordial UGH UGH to believe a woman could be that strong.

Yeah, I love the first 3 panels. The last 2 relate a bit too much to the situation going on in the comic, but the first 3, wow. Power.

I'm grateful that neither my husband nor I are of a jealous nature. The majority of my friends are male and he has a lot of female friends, and we're honest with each other about everything, and we trust each other completely... but I've been sort of in this kind of situation prior to the start of the relationship with my current husband. It's thorny and prickly and damn uncomfortable, and spells the end of the relationship if you can't get to the 'complete trust' level... and sadly, some people just suck at the 'trust' thing, even if they try.
I can't say I like how just about anyone has acted in this whole incident... but I think I can understand how it can be difficult to 'talk it out' when talking starts angry fireworks.

I still don't care much for Rick, but my opinion of him did rise when he said he should have reached out to Sam more. I honestly feel like if he'd done so, things wouldn't have gone so sour. Part of that blame lies with Lauren, too, I think, but that's just because she didn't do what I always have, and made sure my friend(s) had solid interaction(s) with my significant other (the majority of my friends have always been male). But then again, Christo kind of made doing that difficult.

But that's life, isn't it? Most of the time it's more than one person 'at fault', and you have to recognize your own part in the mess and work to make it better. Christo and Sam have an awful lot to 'recognize' in this situation.
This is one specific situation I have never found myself in. Snow is practically a myth here in the south, after all.

Now, torrential downpours where you can't see past- no, where you can't even see down the length of- the hood of your car... yup. Been there, done that, had the heart attack when an 18 wheeler I couldn't even SEE until it was alongside me barreled past at 60+mph and was illuminated by hot pink lightning (literally, freakiest lightning I've ever seen).

I pulled off to the side of the road and hyperventilated for a good 15 minutes or so. This was before the dawn of the cell phone, so I was all alone many miles from home heading to a place I'd never been and so no clue where I actually was.

Excuse me while I curl up in a ball and tremble from the memory.
I still don't care for Rick. I'm female, and the majority of my friends are (and nearly have always been) male. The majority of them were only EVER friends (a couple were friends before we attempted to be more, only to stop because we realized we were truly just friends).

But as this story has progressed, Rick has bugged the hell out of me. If any of my friends treated my husband (or in the past, treated a current boyfriend) with the utter disregard Rick treated Sam, I would have had rather angry words with them. If they cared enough about me to want to be my friend, they shouldn't show disregard for both my significant other AND me by not treating my S.O. at LEAST politely.

So, I still don't care for Rick, but I am glad that it seems he's not as much of a sleaze as it looked like he might be.
I'm really glad to hear things are going better now. While hubby & I aren't doing great at the moment, we're not hurting. Not any longer, at least. We had some bad debt issues for a while right after we got married when my health took a nosedive and I had to stop working, but we clawed and dragged ourselves out of that pit, have been ok for some time, and are hopeful for the future... my health and its expenditures permitting. THINKING POSITIVE!
Sharing your life with someone with a crazy sense of humor makes everything oh much fun :D

I think my sense of humor is crazier than my husband's, but he knows exactly how to tweak mine and take it to a WHOLE new level.

I *really* needed some cheering up, thank you! :D
I didn't find it jarring at all. Sometimes it's hard to fit something within your limitations; I've seen plenty of smaller comics go double size or even double page, since splitting it up would actually be what would feel 'jarring'. You have room to go full-page now for impact, or when it's needed to keep the comic flowing smoothly. This needed a full page, and it's good you were able to do it.
@yayness: I'll definitely agree with that. Emphasize is exactly what it does, in a very real way- I honestly heard a voice in my head, singing along as I started reading those lyrics, and it was smoky to me before Andy mentioned it. Nice. :)
In the mid-90's I got my first cell phone. I'd started working at a casino, swing shift, and I was nervous about driving home alone at 3am, especially since it was a long drive down lonely country roads and if something would've happened with the car I'd have been stranded. I was still living with my parents at the time, and also going to college, so it was decided I'd get one of these new cell phones (at the time, beepers were still all the rage) 'just in case'.

The thing was 'smaller than any cell phone before!' and it was still a freaking brick. I wish I still had it, so I could show it off to younger folks who grew up with cell phones fitting easily in the palm of their hand.
So this is how things went:
I missed visiting yesterday, so I load the site today and immediately hit Previous so I could see the pages in order.
Yesterday's page gave me a huge grin. Then I come back to today's.
Two or three minutes later my husband comes in the room and says 'Good grief, what's so funny?!'
A minute after that, he's telling me 'Breathe, breathe, c'mon, it's ok, just BREATHE!', and I'm all collapsed in the computer chair trying to point at the screen but STILL shaking so hard from laughter it probably looks like I'm having a seizure.

Mr. Twist, you done broke me but good.
Well... one of my best relationships (prior to my marriage) developed when a couple that were friends of mine hit on... err, no, outright seduced me.

But this situation here is quite a bit different than mine was. I'd be just as uncomfortable (and angry) as Michelle, in this case.