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I don't publish here anymore.

Red Love Strings won't be updated anymore I shouldn't think.
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@Guest: All variant on the fact that this was made 6 years ago, yeah! He's doing fine these days :) Here he is with some of his friends <3
Oh lord. I am loving this comic even more!! This is awesome!
I love Shuno's face in the last panel <3
Worth waiting a year for. Now, next easter, how about Shuno going on an Easter egg hunt? In Kaito's pants?
.. OH SHERI <3
Durr kaito, he just wanted a hug you idiot :T
Soo pretty. :3
@tennis_no_kougou: I hate cheating. :T Distracts the development of the two main characters.
Sorry i've been lazy this past week or two..

I feel a short haitus approaching. Maybe stopping this for a while. I dunno, see what happens.
For those who don't know, I started a new comic called 'The thing about Arianna'. It's a BL too just with hints of hetero. Take a look. You might like it <3
Great, another bitch I can hate the guts of.
No words for this one xD It's Ian. End of.
Need to get more pages.
Sorry, I know that i've only been doing once a week lately but I have a reason. I normally have a good five pages waiting so I can afford to update twice a week. But between drawing other things, school and now the holidays, I don't have much time to draw the comic. So i'm sorry for that.

I promise soon, I will start sketching more pages so I can update twice a week again. I don't want to let this comic go dry D:

Thank you guys~
This was the easiest page ever. No kidding.

So yeah. I also really like the next page. I can't wait until Wednesday~
As promised. Saturday. Page 4.

Have fun there Rowan~
Yep. Enjoy that. The abuse, the pathetic man.

So yarp. Derek! That's Derek saying that.
There you go Chief.
Ok. Page two because i'm fairly excited and.. Well I can.

Also, for the person who asked and for the many others I know will ask, please don't ask what gender Rowan is. I wouldn't write BL for nothing. All will be revealed in due time.
@lit-emo-rose: Aha. I knew this would happen. Don't worry, it is BL. But if I told you what gender they were, it would spoil the story.