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Heya! My name's Sabrina and I'm 18 years old. I'm 5'4.5" and skinny. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I'm pretty pale.

I'm starting a webcomic with my boyfriend, but it's still in paper form right now because I don't have a scanner yet.

My hobbies include working on the webcomic, RPing, playing psp, drawing in general, listening and/or playing music, and eating.

I have no current job (even though I put in 30+ applications =.=), but I'm attending the University of Phoenix for Psychology.

Email or IM me at! I'm nice.
My deviantART is
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@Nobodys Fault
Thank you! <3. That makes meh all happy and shiznizzle.
I'm Back!
That's right, y'all. I'll be uploading again. Same for my other webcomic, when I can get around to finishing the page. ^-^. Enjoy!
My computer died. I'm using my friend's laptop, which has NO drawing programs on it, and I do fear that by installing them, I'd be taking a huge risk because this thing overheats like it's nobody's business. And sometimes doesn't like to start up. u.u.

But I'll be able to start again when my computer gets fixed, or when I can use my boyfriend's computer. ^-^.

Thank you all for reading and I'll update as soon as I possibly can! Love you all! <3.
I read it, was cute. <3. Commented, too. Thanks for the link. =O.
Swandiving right back into the story again. XD.
*Pokes comment title.* YOU DOOOO? Epic! I must seeee! Can I have a link, please? :3.
I had a lot going on, y'all. Sorry for not uploading. Then again I didn't really establish a schedule yet, sooo~

Regardless, I'll try to upload more often. I have two webcomics to run and commissions to work on, as well as school work and preparing to move out across the country for a little while.

All in two weeks. ._.

Keep viewing! I'll try to work on more comics and upload them as soon as possible! <3.
The tree thing didn't really happen.... XD. I just felt like being random.

And now the actual story's beginning. Woot. XD.
HEY Y'ALL, Look At This!
Note: Aklimus is actually mute.

And the story hasn't begun yet, this is just the first little comic I decided to make concerning this 'series.'