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Smiley faces e'rywhere
@silverwolf019: I am happy to hear you are enjoying the story ^.^
It's getting easier..
it's either getting easier to draw or this little project is getting more fun =v=
That Building Doe..
It was a freaking pain in the a$$ ._.
Don't worry Adam..
We all argue with le girlfwiends =w=
The Font..
That took forever to make it look horrible -_-;
Okay here's the thing...
A) I don't know how mafia's work or drugs.
B) I don't know how orphanages work.
C) I don't know a lot of things. ._.
Please be gentle with me LOL
Me and Pastries' Sleepover...
We decided to remake the story. Same plot. Same characters. Just a different story board. Me and Pastries discussed this during our sleep over and we unanimously decided that we need to actually plan out our story :3
This story is not dead but is on hold whilst me and Pastries plan and draw :D
We are truly sorry OTL
Pastries started college so it's getting really difficult to keep this together D: nevertheless this comic will not die!!!! we apologize sincerely!!~Muffins and Pastries
We are not dead!!
We are going to be uploading again :)) I'm excited!
What is taking her long?!?!
What is it?!?! -the suspense-
Here's the link to the comic! A comic by Me (Muffins) and my buddy (Pastries)
Oh dear adfsggsfg
Yeshhhh bring on the female boners!!! >:3
Holy sh&@
Nooo you tease!!! Don't stop here!!!! TAT
Oh schnapps
I was sorta afraid he was going to say lets wait -.- phew!!! Love this comic :)
Weeaboo kyaaaa moment!!! >\\\< so cute!!
Loving the look
He certainly is certified -perv face-
More views and fans!!
This deserves more!!! D:<
I fear this page is too sexy for us lol
( i _ i )I cried . Tis all I can say :<
Your style...
Is lovely :) it's super-dee-duper pro-looking!!! o(^▽^)o